Get on Board Chillun!

The McCain Train is the Last Train to Glory!

America’s president in 2009, comes down to a choice between two Washington insiders, both Senators. It’s a miserable choice, but it is all we have.

The last train is at the station. It’s old and it creaks and shakes as it rumbles along the track, but it is our last hope, as it is our last train that’s agoin’ somewhere we will want to go. It’s the McCAIN TRAIN! Get on Board Chillun! The McCAIN TRAIN is in a race to beat the OBAMA ZEPHYR, a sleek and silvery brand new machine that catches everyone’s eye as it gracefully rolls along the rails towards Washington and the White House. The OBAMA ZEPHYR is a worthy opponent, but it is the McCAIN TRAIN that carries the keys to the Kingdom of Conservatism. Get on Board Chillun, as the McCAIN TRAIN needs you.

What a revoltin’ development – America’s president in 2009, comes down to a choice between two Washington Senators. The voters say they want change – yet they choose to vote for a Washington Senator for president.

Don’t get waylaid at the station by charlatans and evangelists offering another free dose of Arkansas Snake Oil and pushing their brand of faux-conservatism. America will not vote to live under a state religion. We already fought that battle 200+ years ago … and won. It’s the McCAIN TRAIN or bust.  It is a miserable choice, but it is all we have to keep the Liberals at the gates and save the Supreme Court from being over-trodden by them.


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