Shine Blogger, Shine

Hollywood’s professional writers are striking this week because they are demanding recompense for their writings that appear on the Internet. If they end up getting the same pay that bloggers and photographers receive for their work on the Internet, are they ever going to be disappointed, as in “ZILCH,” which is what they claim they are already receiving. “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Daily Show” have had to stop production, but the Internet’s free YouTube,, etcetera continue — for FREE.

How ironic and funny at the same time it will be when, after all the dust has settled, the writers’ union finds that its strike for more money from the Web, will have actually driven more of their viewers to the FREE Web.  Will their viewers return to television, when the writers return? The current trends say NO!

So we won’t be here, but while we’re not here, you can check out all of our content on our new Web site, the,” Jon Stewart said wryly on “The Daily Show” on Thursday. “Every `Daily Show’ since I got here is on it, free, except for the advertising. So support our advertisers.

So here is your chance blogger! Shine Little Blogger Shine!


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