All The Best-Dressed Kids

Now that it is time for the Back-To-School buying clothes ritual, parents are being warned about certain gang or drug symbols which are appearing on kids clothing. If your child is pleading for a shirt which displays stars and crowns with a certain number of points and hearts with wings, you need to read further. “There are lot of symbols that mean something to gang members and parents don’t know what it means,” said a sheriff’s detective in Florida to the “Tallahassee Democrat”. They appear on T-shirts, bandanas, belts and bookbags of arrested gang members.

It is not only symbols, but colors and certain numbers that are are used to display messages. A plain everyday T-shirt can display a gang-related message when certain letters are manipulated. For example, the letter “B” crossed out, means that the wearer doesn’t like Blood gang members.

Signs of Gang Membership, from

  • Stars and crowns with a certain number of points and hearts with wings.
  • A child is obsessed with one particular color of clothing or shows a desire for a particular logo over and over.
  • Wears excessive jewelry with distinctive designs and may wear it only on either the right or left side of the body.
  • Peculiar drawings or language on schoolbooks, folders, walls, doors, etc. Usually graffiti-like, hard to decipher and characterized by crossed out and upside-down letters and symbols (may later appear as tattoos or brands).

Now, if you are not a parent of 14, 15 and 16-year-olds, you may be wondering how in the world these kids can be displaying gang symbols on their clothing, when most of them, these days, seem to be going about in public wearing the minimalist style. That is to say that their clothing consists of very small amounts of cloth, as in “half-naked.” Young teenaged girls wear shirts that cover little, if anything, and their jeans are little more than belt loops. No wonder none of them wears underwear anymore, as their clothes will not cover it.

This leaves us non-parents a-wondering. If parents today do not notice that they daughters are going to school dressed as Hoochie Mamas, who with a brain thinks any of them is going to notice if their children start wearing gang paraphenalia. In fact, if some parents do notice, they may just breathe a sigh of relief that their child is showing a bit of personal modesty.

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