MDs with IEDs

It is just another benefit of socialized medicine that has been denied to Americans.

Thank God and thank the Republicans that America has not “yet” implemented Saint Hillary’s socialized medicine plan. It was those rascally Republicans who denied that benefit of “MDs with IEDs” to America by destroying Hillary Clinton’s plan for a national health care system.  (IEDs are improvised explosive devices: Wikipedia.)

If you are wondering why at least six of the suspects in the foiled bombings by Al-Qaeda in the United Kingdom were medical doctors, you need wonder no longer. It has been announced that all of the suspected terrorist medical personnel were employed by Britain’s National Health System.

Many years ago, the vast majority of docs in Britain’s NHS were British-trained and British-born. Today “Foreign Doctors Are the Lifeblood of NHS.” The United Kingdom still trains its share of homegrowns, however many, many of these medical graduates choose not to practice under socialized medicine. That was a situation that NHS easily surmounted as they merely replaced them with foreign doctors who were not near as demanding as the British doctors were, even though as far back as the year 2000 there were complaints:  Row Over Foreign Doctors

Now it has come to this: the socialization of medicine in the UK is responsible for medical doctors who are choosing to create patients rather than heal them. Today’s British NHS seems to be staffed by MDs with IEDs as the British people are left wondering where all the terrorists are coming from and how they can afford to blow up pricey Mercedes automobiles. “Terror Ringleader is Brilliant NHS Doctor

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