My iPhone

I want my iPhone and I want it now! But I really don’t want to stand in line for hours nor to pay two or three times its listed price. I think I will wait until September and buy the second generation. That sounds like a good idea. It is to be made by Quanta Computer, as opposed to today’s iPhone which is manufactured by Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Company). Since Quanta is presently the world’s largest contract notebook PC manufacturer, perhaps the next iPhone will have more features and or more memory. Hope springs eternal, you know, however no one really knows if there is a second generation coming in September.  Just remember that the past is prologue and that AppleInsider thinks it is so.

Reports (rumors?) suggest that Quanta will be shipping five million of their version of iPhone in September and that it will be similar in function to today’s iPhones from  Foxconn but with a different outer design for different markets, whatever that means. Perhaps Quanta will be making their iPhone for European markets which have a much longer wait for Apple’s new toy. Or perhaps Quanta will be adding more memory to the September iPhone – like say 16Gb or even 32Gb. The big question if that is the case is will I be willing and able to pay the price of all that flash memory?


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