Crude and Rude at UMASS

The University of Massachusetts Stands Shamed and Disgraced by its Own Professors!

I believe this will haunt us for years,” University of Massachusetts Professor of Ignorance and Incivility  Jennifer Lundquist proclaimed at an anti-war rally where she described Andrew Card, former aide to President Bush, as unethical and unscrupulous. (YouTube Video)

Andrew Card was formally invited by UMASS to receive an honorary degree. The faculty of the “so-called” university protested, however the administration of UMASS refused to back down. Humiliated by their failure to influence the school’s Board of Trustees, the UMASS professors targeted Card with their wrath, attempting to humiliate him. Standing with him in places of honor on stage, the professors shouted him down while waving banners that proclaimed Card to be without honor and even a war criminal. Ladies and gentlemen of Massachusetts, these are the people who are influencing your children and educating them for the future.

It would be justice if the prophesy of Professor Lundquist comes to fruition.

It would be justice if American companies hiring new college graduates of 2007, take a pass on those with “University of Massachusetts 2007” on their resume. After all, the actions of these graduates on their own graduation day exhibits much more than do grades or “so-called” accomplishments at that “so-called” school of higher education, that their lack of basic goodness to their fellow human beings and their contempt for American values of free speech and the electoral process, would be detrimental to any worthwhile business or organization.

It would be justice if American donors and supporters of the University of Massachusetts, withdraw, rescind or never initiate any further contributions to an organization so un-American in outlook and anti-American in behavior, instead finding other educational establishments more worthwhile and deserving.

It would be justice if the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reconsider their financial support of an institution whose faculty have so little understanding of basic American values and courtesy, and instead of imparting academic knowledge and wisdom to their student charges, are indoctrinating them to show contempt for their own country.

It would be justice, if someday through the years, as the graduating students mature and become educated by life as opposed to the left-wing UMASS faculty, that they remember how their graduation was marred by the incivility and disrespect they showed towards an invited guest and American public servant.

It would be justice, if  the students and faculty of University of Massachusetts remember for years to come, this disgraceful graduation day of 2007, when they, en mass, violated another American’s right to freely associate and freely speak, and disrespected his humanity. It would be justice indeed, Professor Jennifer Lundquist, if this day haunts you for years.


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