Junk Cell Phone Calls

Why am I receiving  junk phone calls to my cell phone?

  • I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!
  • I am NOT a business person, nor do I have a job or employment.
  • I have NEVER given out my cell phone number. Only my husband and five other family members know my number, and it is only  used to call me for important family matters.  

How did “FocusAnywhere.com” find my number, and why do they harass me, a senior citizen, when I am driving on the Washington Beltway at 60 miles per hour to offer me $200 for free? I do not want $200! I want only to be able to drive around the beltway safely and return home without losing control of my vehicle. I never gave permission for them to call my cell phone. What kind of company are they, anyway? I have a street address and mail delivered to my house everyday. I have a home phone, which is also on the “Do Not Call List” and I have seven e-mail addresses, all of which do a good job of SPAM filtering.

Instead of using those traditional methods of communicating business offers, Kim at Focus Anywhere left a message on my mobile phone, telling me to call her at 1 800 544-1494, extension 114. When I did not respond to claim my free $200, Focus Anywhere phoned again a few days later, which was today at 1:20 pm. Why cannot I be allowed to have a personal cell phone used only by me and my family? My question is answered at their web site:

“How did you get my name and phone number?

Your name – like almost everyone’s name – appears on a number of mailing lists. We purchase directory lists, magazine subscription lists, phone book listings, and other lists that we think include the type of people we want to include in a particular focus group.”

I phoned the JUNK PHONE CALL’s number on my Caller ID (918 665-3311) and in fact a live person answered. I inquired about how my private mobile number was obtained by them and was told that it was “computer generated”. But isn’t it against U.S. law for telemarketers to “computer generate” cell phone numbers and phone them? Oh yes indeed, however, FocusAnywhere.com is NOT a telemarketing company, which means that neither the “NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY” nor the “computer generated” U.S. law apply to Focus Anywhere. You see, … FocusAnywhere.com is not selling anything. In fact, Focus Anywhere is paying me to call me: “Didn’t we promise you $200?” Oh!! How stupid of me to think that the “National DO NOT CALL LIST” meant “DO NOT CALL!”

Here are other Junk Phone Calls I have received since May 15th 2007. I have tried phoning back to these numbers, but they do not work. They can phone me – but I cannot phone them; it’s known as the “Fairness Doctrine of Telemarketing.”

  • 703 190-6496
  • 514 958-0000
  • 442 075-260330 (No, I do not understand the extra digits. It must be part of the mystery of telemarketing.)

Here is a site where you may be able to find who called you if you have the telephone number. You can at least register the number as a junk telemarketer: whocalled.us

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