Where’s the Beef?

“Where’s the Beef” now that Bob Beckel needs it for his shining black eye?

Far left political pundit Bob “where’s the beef” Beckel is now walking about the hallways and highways of Washington with a shiner. However, that is only half the “story”. The other half is that President George Bush is the reason for the gleaming black and blue.

According to Beckel, he was merely minding his own left-wing business, sitting in his left-wing battery controlled non-SUV vehicle, in Bethesda, Maryland, only the most left-wing neighborhood this side of Venezuela, when out of nowhere pounced George Bush vandals upon the bumper of said left-wing vehicle. Said George Bush vandals and residents of said left-wing neighborhood, immediately proceeded to rip off and mutilate the many anti-Bush bumper stickers of said left-wing Beckel. When they snatched Beckel’s favorite, “A Village in Texas is Missing Its Idiot“, he jumped from his non-SUV left-wing vehicle in defense of his bumper and its stickers. That’s when, if you believe Bob Beckel, the vandals turned into assaultants upon the very left-wing person of the Anti-Bush.

Now to believe Beckel’s version of events, you have to believe that he drives said left-wing non-SUV into the parking lot of Fox News where he works, each and every day, anti-Bush bumper stickers and all, with nary an altercation. All those right-wing crazies in that far-right Bush Country parking lot and not even Ann Coulter has ever attacked the bumper of Beckel the Anti-Bush, yet in the People’s Republic of Bethesda, Commizar Beckel was slugged by Bush defenders.

Who do you want to believe, your lying eyes or Bob Beckel’s fairy tale? Meanwhile – “Where’s the Beef?” Bob Beckel needs a nice juicy slab of red Republican meat for his black and blue eye. And BTB, Where’s the Police Report, Beckel? According to WaPo, the manager of the Giant store parking lot where Beckel claims the assault happened, said “he had no knowledge of the dust-up. Beckel said he didn’t get the names of the two men and didn’t call the police.

See Bob Beckel’s “Non gas-guzzler, non SUV” left-wing vehicle.


2 Responses to Where’s the Beef?

  1. madmouser says:

    His car is so tacky with all those bumper stickers. It should be ticketed as a public eyesore. Oops, Hey Bob, is your eye sore? LOL!
    ‘Bout time someone popped him a good one. He really is obnoxious. Wish I knew who the 2 guys were, so I could send them a Thank You card.

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    GREAT! He deserves a sore eye because his “Faux Prius” is an “EYESORE”!
    I doubt that the “two guys” actually existed. He probably fell off the wagon and crawled headfirst into a doorknob, or his wife just landed a lucky punch.

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