Reverend On A Roll

Reverend Al Sharpton Defends Mormons Against the Godlessness of Mitt Romney:

Coming on the heels of his amazing success at getting an old white guy (Don Imus) fired from his tv and radio gigs for appropriating rapper language as his own, the most Reverend Racebaiter Sharpton has now tackled Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, Mitt Romney. In a televised debate with an avowed atheist, Christopher Hitchens, the Reverend Sharpie exclaimed “those of us who believe in God will defeat Romney in the presidential race“. Most listeners considered the Reverend’s remark to be a bigoted slur against the Mormon church, however, the most Reverend Racebaiter immediately contacted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) to explain that in no way was he describing Christendom’s fourth largest sect as “Godless”. No indeedy. Mr. Reverend Sharpie was actually defending the Mormon church by pointing out to them that one of its members, the Godless former Governor Mitt Romney, was giving the church a bad name by being a Godless Mormon. He recommended that the Church deal appropriately with the Godless Mitt, by immediately excommunicating him. The Reverend further threatened that if Church leaders failed to heed his admonition, he would report his demands to a higher authority, God Himself, and have the entire Quorum of Twelve Apostles fired. The Church admits that Reverend Sharpie did indeed contact its leaders and the Mormons now consider the case closed. However, Sharpie warns “those of us who believe in God will not rest until we get our pound of Godless Romney flesh.”

Church Spokesman Scott Trotter said Sharpton called the church at approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday. Sharpton spoke with members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles — Elder Russell M. Nelson and Henry B. Eyring — and apologized for his remarks.

The church considers the matter finished.

We appreciate his phone call, and we consider the matter closed,” Trotter said.

Sharpton also told Beck he planned to meet with church leaders. Trotter said Sharpton was in talks with church leadership to set up a meeting.

Mr. Sharpton and church leaders are looking at possible dates for a meeting, but nothing is imminent. It won’t happen next week, but they are looking at dates,” Trotter said. (Daily Herald)

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