The Clintons and the Gullible Elderly

May 30, 2007

If you are one of the “Elderly Gullible”, who believe that your luck can change, Bill Clinton is looking for you.

Apparently, the American people just don’t pay their ex-presidents enough. Take the case of EX Bill Clinton. Right out of the gate after eight years of White House pampering, former president  Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 for a speech given to InfoUSA in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, he has continued on their payroll.

So …, you ask, what’s wrong with the former Prez garnering a little extra dough? Nothing I guess when you are a Clinton and your opus moderandi is to gain wealth and power on the backs of the poor, minorities and elderly. According to The New York Times, InfoUSA exists to compile and market lists that contain names of elderly people who would be likely to respond to unscrupulous scams.  They actually divide such vulnerable elderly targets into categories. The New York Times reports that Bill Clinton’s InfoUSA describes their “Elderly Gullible” targets thusly:

  • Elderly Opportunity Seekers — 3.3 million older people “looking for ways to make money
  • Suffering Seniors — 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Oldies but Goodies — 500,000 gamblers over age fifty-five

The New York Times profiled one unfortunate 92-year-old who entered a InfoUSA sweep-stake. He innocently provided personal information which was then sold to the predator market. After responding to their telemarketing calls, his entire life savings was stolen from his account at Wachovia Bank. This was just one instance of criminal telemarketing practices that were repeated all over Bill and Hillary Clinton’s America, using lists supplied by InfoUSA.

InfoUSA is run by FOB (remember that term?) Vinod “Vin” Gupta, a native of Rampur, India who has slept in the Lincoln Bedroom, and says he donated $1,000,000 to the Clinton Library. That one mill was peanuts compared to what he paid for Hillary Clinton’s Millennium New Year’s Eve bash.  Her party cost $16 million and Gupta donated $2 million, and you, Mr. and Ms. Liberal were not even invited. That is because to the Clintons, you are the “Gullible Liberals.”


Crude and Rude at UMASS

May 29, 2007

The University of Massachusetts Stands Shamed and Disgraced by its Own Professors!

I believe this will haunt us for years,” University of Massachusetts Professor of Ignorance and Incivility  Jennifer Lundquist proclaimed at an anti-war rally where she described Andrew Card, former aide to President Bush, as unethical and unscrupulous. (YouTube Video)

Andrew Card was formally invited by UMASS to receive an honorary degree. The faculty of the “so-called” university protested, however the administration of UMASS refused to back down. Humiliated by their failure to influence the school’s Board of Trustees, the UMASS professors targeted Card with their wrath, attempting to humiliate him. Standing with him in places of honor on stage, the professors shouted him down while waving banners that proclaimed Card to be without honor and even a war criminal. Ladies and gentlemen of Massachusetts, these are the people who are influencing your children and educating them for the future.

It would be justice if the prophesy of Professor Lundquist comes to fruition.

It would be justice if American companies hiring new college graduates of 2007, take a pass on those with “University of Massachusetts 2007” on their resume. After all, the actions of these graduates on their own graduation day exhibits much more than do grades or “so-called” accomplishments at that “so-called” school of higher education, that their lack of basic goodness to their fellow human beings and their contempt for American values of free speech and the electoral process, would be detrimental to any worthwhile business or organization.

It would be justice if American donors and supporters of the University of Massachusetts, withdraw, rescind or never initiate any further contributions to an organization so un-American in outlook and anti-American in behavior, instead finding other educational establishments more worthwhile and deserving.

It would be justice if the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reconsider their financial support of an institution whose faculty have so little understanding of basic American values and courtesy, and instead of imparting academic knowledge and wisdom to their student charges, are indoctrinating them to show contempt for their own country.

It would be justice, if someday through the years, as the graduating students mature and become educated by life as opposed to the left-wing UMASS faculty, that they remember how their graduation was marred by the incivility and disrespect they showed towards an invited guest and American public servant.

It would be justice, if  the students and faculty of University of Massachusetts remember for years to come, this disgraceful graduation day of 2007, when they, en mass, violated another American’s right to freely associate and freely speak, and disrespected his humanity. It would be justice indeed, Professor Jennifer Lundquist, if this day haunts you for years.



May 28, 2007

The University of Massachusetts disgraced itself by its disrespectful treatment of former Bush aide and public servant, Andrew Card

As the formally invited guest of UMASS,  Andrew Card was loudly booed, not only by the immature and pampered students of said university, but by the on-stage faculty members, who should have had more respect for themselves and their school. Massachusetts, once know as the cradle of American liberty, showed no quarter for the liberties of Andrew Card to freely associate and to speak, as he accepted an honorary degree at the University.

Unbelievably, boos and catcalls were coming from the university’s own faculty members who were standing onstage with Mr. Card, and they drowned out Provost Charlena Seymour’s remarks as she awarded the honorary doctorate in public service.  The majority of the on-stage professors et al displayed large protest signs, including some that labeled the high ranking public servant, Andrew Card, as a “War Criminal.”

Protesters who claim that Card lied to the American people about the Iraq war and should not have been honored at the graduate student commencement, certainly have their rights to that opinion. However, it is a disgrace and despicable to deny others a right to speak and to label those leaders elected democratically by the American people as tyrannical criminals.  It displays the ignorance of the faculty of UMASS, that they do not understand the sufferings of untold millions of unfortunates who indeed have lived under real war criminals.  UMASS – You are a MASS of ignoramuses … and without a shred of decency in your souls.

However … I did find some women photographed outside of the graduation ceremony, who understood the war and why we are fighting. Unfortunately, they are preparing for us to lose and these women know what is store for them when the Islamo-Fascists get control there in Massachusetts. That is why they are practicing the wearing of hoods and the total covering of womanly flesh.  They are ready for the “next” Revolution, and they are fighting for it by NOT FIGHTING! 

Francis Crow age 88

The above screenshot from YAHOO NEWS shows Ms. Francis Crowe, age 88, protesting the awarding of an honorary degree to former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card before the start of commencement ceremonies at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Friday, May 25, 2007. By the hooding of her head and the covering of every inch of bodily flesh, in the style of Islamo-Fascism, she seems to exemplify the University’s great anticipation of the coming of the Islamic Republic of Massachusetts.

University of Massachusetts Disgraced

Band of Brothers

May 28, 2007

“From now until the end of the world, we and it shall be remembered. We few, we Band of Brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.” ~~ William Shakespeare in “King Henry V”

Where Will You Be On Saint Crispen’s Day?

Open your Shakespeare to Henry V, Act IV, Scene 3, where the king, at battle’s eve, rallies his “band of brothers.” The most stirring call to arms in the English language was written in 1599, in that scene when the king inspired his men, his warriors, to fight valiantly as brothers-in-arms. (Link to Audio)

The methods of warfare have evolved somewhat since that time, but the character and brotherhood of soldiers remains much the same as it was 400 years ago, in the time of William Shakespeare. Today’s war is a global war and it is not fought solely on the battlefield. The conflict we face seems different from any that we have fought before. Skills and talents are needed other than the traditional ones possessed by soldiers. In this war, civilians on the home front or abroad can be warriors for the right. We watch with our eyes and write with our computers. We can disseminate local news and we can be creative with the new technologies that are now available. This World War III is a battle where the main weaponry is information and technology and skills and ingenuity are needed in these fields. If you cannot be a soldier in a uniform, your talents are still valued. We can all be citizen soldiers as we contribute our skills toward this terrible war.

The poetry of William Shakespeare is a great legacy handed down to us from our cultural forebears. Cherish it. Read the Bard’s immortal lines about war and understand our warriors, and think about what you can do to contribute to the war effort, instead of relying upon our soldiers to do all of the fighting.

All can be soldiers, in or out of uniform. Those who heed not the call to arms today will rue the victory, as they will not be able to recount to their children and grandchildren that they fought in those long ago days and saved civilization from a dreadful darkness. When they are old men and women, today’s soldiers will say with pride that they fought evil and won a great victory.

And gentlemen in England now abed, Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhood’s cheap whiles any speaks, That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day. ~~William Shakespeare “King Henry V”

Junk Cell Phone Calls

May 26, 2007

Why am I receiving  junk phone calls to my cell phone?

  • I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST!!!
  • I am NOT a business person, nor do I have a job or employment.
  • I have NEVER given out my cell phone number. Only my husband and five other family members know my number, and it is only  used to call me for important family matters.  

How did “” find my number, and why do they harass me, a senior citizen, when I am driving on the Washington Beltway at 60 miles per hour to offer me $200 for free? I do not want $200! I want only to be able to drive around the beltway safely and return home without losing control of my vehicle. I never gave permission for them to call my cell phone. What kind of company are they, anyway? I have a street address and mail delivered to my house everyday. I have a home phone, which is also on the “Do Not Call List” and I have seven e-mail addresses, all of which do a good job of SPAM filtering.

Instead of using those traditional methods of communicating business offers, Kim at Focus Anywhere left a message on my mobile phone, telling me to call her at 1 800 544-1494, extension 114. When I did not respond to claim my free $200, Focus Anywhere phoned again a few days later, which was today at 1:20 pm. Why cannot I be allowed to have a personal cell phone used only by me and my family? My question is answered at their web site:

“How did you get my name and phone number?

Your name – like almost everyone’s name – appears on a number of mailing lists. We purchase directory lists, magazine subscription lists, phone book listings, and other lists that we think include the type of people we want to include in a particular focus group.”

I phoned the JUNK PHONE CALL’s number on my Caller ID (918 665-3311) and in fact a live person answered. I inquired about how my private mobile number was obtained by them and was told that it was “computer generated”. But isn’t it against U.S. law for telemarketers to “computer generate” cell phone numbers and phone them? Oh yes indeed, however, is NOT a telemarketing company, which means that neither the “NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY” nor the “computer generated” U.S. law apply to Focus Anywhere. You see, … is not selling anything. In fact, Focus Anywhere is paying me to call me: “Didn’t we promise you $200?” Oh!! How stupid of me to think that the “National DO NOT CALL LIST” meant “DO NOT CALL!”

Here are other Junk Phone Calls I have received since May 15th 2007. I have tried phoning back to these numbers, but they do not work. They can phone me – but I cannot phone them; it’s known as the “Fairness Doctrine of Telemarketing.”

  • 703 190-6496
  • 514 958-0000
  • 442 075-260330 (No, I do not understand the extra digits. It must be part of the mystery of telemarketing.)

Here is a site where you may be able to find who called you if you have the telephone number. You can at least register the number as a junk telemarketer:

Where’s the Beef?

May 25, 2007

“Where’s the Beef” now that Bob Beckel needs it for his shining black eye?

Far left political pundit Bob “where’s the beef” Beckel is now walking about the hallways and highways of Washington with a shiner. However, that is only half the “story”. The other half is that President George Bush is the reason for the gleaming black and blue.

According to Beckel, he was merely minding his own left-wing business, sitting in his left-wing battery controlled non-SUV vehicle, in Bethesda, Maryland, only the most left-wing neighborhood this side of Venezuela, when out of nowhere pounced George Bush vandals upon the bumper of said left-wing vehicle. Said George Bush vandals and residents of said left-wing neighborhood, immediately proceeded to rip off and mutilate the many anti-Bush bumper stickers of said left-wing Beckel. When they snatched Beckel’s favorite, “A Village in Texas is Missing Its Idiot“, he jumped from his non-SUV left-wing vehicle in defense of his bumper and its stickers. That’s when, if you believe Bob Beckel, the vandals turned into assaultants upon the very left-wing person of the Anti-Bush.

Now to believe Beckel’s version of events, you have to believe that he drives said left-wing non-SUV into the parking lot of Fox News where he works, each and every day, anti-Bush bumper stickers and all, with nary an altercation. All those right-wing crazies in that far-right Bush Country parking lot and not even Ann Coulter has ever attacked the bumper of Beckel the Anti-Bush, yet in the People’s Republic of Bethesda, Commizar Beckel was slugged by Bush defenders.

Who do you want to believe, your lying eyes or Bob Beckel’s fairy tale? Meanwhile – “Where’s the Beef?” Bob Beckel needs a nice juicy slab of red Republican meat for his black and blue eye. And BTB, Where’s the Police Report, Beckel? According to WaPo, the manager of the Giant store parking lot where Beckel claims the assault happened, said “he had no knowledge of the dust-up. Beckel said he didn’t get the names of the two men and didn’t call the police.

See Bob Beckel’s “Non gas-guzzler, non SUV” left-wing vehicle.

Reverend On A Roll

May 11, 2007

Reverend Al Sharpton Defends Mormons Against the Godlessness of Mitt Romney:

Coming on the heels of his amazing success at getting an old white guy (Don Imus) fired from his tv and radio gigs for appropriating rapper language as his own, the most Reverend Racebaiter Sharpton has now tackled Mr. Goody Two-Shoes, Mitt Romney. In a televised debate with an avowed atheist, Christopher Hitchens, the Reverend Sharpie exclaimed “those of us who believe in God will defeat Romney in the presidential race“. Most listeners considered the Reverend’s remark to be a bigoted slur against the Mormon church, however, the most Reverend Racebaiter immediately contacted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) to explain that in no way was he describing Christendom’s fourth largest sect as “Godless”. No indeedy. Mr. Reverend Sharpie was actually defending the Mormon church by pointing out to them that one of its members, the Godless former Governor Mitt Romney, was giving the church a bad name by being a Godless Mormon. He recommended that the Church deal appropriately with the Godless Mitt, by immediately excommunicating him. The Reverend further threatened that if Church leaders failed to heed his admonition, he would report his demands to a higher authority, God Himself, and have the entire Quorum of Twelve Apostles fired. The Church admits that Reverend Sharpie did indeed contact its leaders and the Mormons now consider the case closed. However, Sharpie warns “those of us who believe in God will not rest until we get our pound of Godless Romney flesh.”

Church Spokesman Scott Trotter said Sharpton called the church at approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday. Sharpton spoke with members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles — Elder Russell M. Nelson and Henry B. Eyring — and apologized for his remarks.

The church considers the matter finished.

We appreciate his phone call, and we consider the matter closed,” Trotter said.

Sharpton also told Beck he planned to meet with church leaders. Trotter said Sharpton was in talks with church leadership to set up a meeting.

Mr. Sharpton and church leaders are looking at possible dates for a meeting, but nothing is imminent. It won’t happen next week, but they are looking at dates,” Trotter said. (Daily Herald)

America’s Golden Assets

May 6, 2007

Intellectual Properties

Ocean Tomo’s valuation system for rating patents was developed by California patent lawyer Jonathan Barney, who now works for the firm. Barney’s key insight was that companies, which are required to pay the U.S. Patent Office every four years to maintain their patents, would only do so if the patented technology was proving to be valuable. Barney identified 53 factors in a patent document that indicated whether a patent was likely to be renewed — that is, whether it was valuable.

For its index, Ocean Tomo evaluated the patents issued by the patent office according to these factors and then assigned each one a value relative to the others. Finally, using this rating system, Ocean Tomo selected 300 publicly traded companies that own what were found to be the most valuable patents relative to the company’s book value. (Ocean Tomo Catches the Wave)

National Day of Evangelical Prayers

May 3, 2007

Today we celebrated another “National Day of Prayer” under the leadership of Evangelical Shirley Dobson, and the answer to the question posed below is a resounding NO! 

Will Mormons and other religious minorities be allowed to pray at the government sanctioned Day of Prayer this year? Or will it be a National Day of Prayer for “so-called” Judeo-Christians only? Where will be the Scarlet Pimpernel? What will he say to James Dobson’s wife Shirley* when she declares once again, “No Mormon prayers allowed”. Only time will tell.

*Mormons asked to offer a prayer at the 2004 National Day of Prayer and Shirley Dobson, wife of Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson, said no. Evangelicals claim that Mormons, along with other faiths such as Seventh Day Adventists, are not Christians, even though they claim to be so. Evangelical Christains specifically condemn Mormons for having religious texts other than the Holy Bible, yet they obviously ignore Matthew 18:20 of the Christian bible where Jesus said “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  ~~Mitt the Pimpernell