Duke’s 88 Victims

The World’s Smallest Violin … at Duke University:

There were three lacrosse players at Duke University who for more than one year were falsely accused of terrible crimes against women by the state of North Carolina and judged guilty by many of their own classmates and professors. However, according to news coming from “The News & Observer”, with the three students now proclaimed totally innocent by the state, it is those 88 “hanging” professors who have become the real victims of the scandal. The infamous Duke 88 claim that they are being victimized with “hateful” emails. Not only “hateful”, but some of the professors are claiming to have received actual death threats. When asked to explain the nature of the so-called death threats, only one member of Duke’s 88 Finest could explain. One law professor received an email which said “You’re an idiot, why don’t you jump off a building”. Whoo … That is real deadly, dudes!

Duke’s 88 Disgraceful Professors

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