As Time Goes By

The family that photographs together, stays together. We await the June 17th, 2007 update of “The Incredible Family” that I wrote about last year.

The Golberg family of Buenos Aires, Argentina has an “incredible” record of each family member’s appearance for thirty years. No one in this perfect family seems to have gained weight, changed hairstyles, or even moved out of position during all that time. Incredible! In the 1980s, Diego began the wearing of spectacles, but for only two years. Either he went on to contact lenses or vanity got the best of him. However, once Susy put on eyeglasses in the year 2000, they stayed.

Diego and Susy began making their portraits on June 17th 1976, and are still continuing the family ritual. They say “we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.” For the first two years there were only two portraits, then in 1978, came a third portrait of Nicolas. The next year there was the addition of Matias. Eventually, Sabastian arrived and thenceforth there are five portraits for each year.

“The Arrow of Time” is the Golberg family’s photo-journal. It could be an inspiration for newlyweds of today. After all, “the family that photographs together, stays together”, or so would seem.

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