Firefox Immolates Itself

The Firefox geeks have managed to concoct a version of Firefox that self-destructs. If you are a user of the Firefox browser, do not download the latest version, Firefox 2.0, as I did. Now, after using the Firefox browser exclusively for years, I am left with a burned out shell of a browser.

First of all, my bookmarks disappeared, for no reason at all. I finally did find them secreted away in my hidden profile folder, but they will no longer display on my tool bar. I have followed all the “conflicting” tutorials available at the Firefox site and nothing has worked. After hours of troubleshooting, I noticed that there are no more widgets or plug-ins on my desktop screen. Everything has disappeared; my RSS feeds, all my plug-ins that I depended upon, my live bookmarks, my entire Internet life, so why bother using Firefox anymore?

I’m not! I took a look at the new Internet Explorer and I like what I see. Right now I am in the process of switching to Opera which I have used occasionally. I am rebuilding my bookmarks and downloading widgets there, so it should be a good replacement for Firefox.

The Firefox geeks destroyed that browser with the Firefox 2.0 upgrade. It went out in a blaze, but not a blaze of glory. Sad indeed.

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