Memorial to Draft-dodgers

Where? Where else – Canada!

Last year when I was researching Canada’s role during the Vietnam War and learning about that nation’s refusal to honor at official Remembrance Day ceremonies her own Canadian citizens who served in combat during the Vietnam War, I was shocked to find these enlightening news stories. Fortunately for Canadians, America’s veterans came to the rescue and put a stop to the insanity, once again saving Canada from herself. I made the following post at “Blatherings”, 10 February 2005, and I repeat it here on the eve of Canada’s Remembrance Day 2006.

Canadian Vietnam Draft-dodger Memorial

Canada’s new memorial will honor the ‘courageous legacy of Vietnam War resisters.’ Canadians have a quaint definition of courage – burn your draft card, slink across the border and then take a job in Canada’s booming Vietnam economy, manufacturing munitions and Agent Orange to be used in Viet Nam. No wonder they are screaming bloody murder at Ann Coulter for reminding them of their “true” role in Vietnam. I thought this was a hoax, but sadly, it is not.

According to news reports, Canada is planning to build a Canadian Vietnam Draft-dodger Memorial. The dedication of the bronze statue honoring draft-dodgers is planned for July 2006 in Nelson, British Columbia, about 140 miles north of Spokane, Washington.

Draft-dodger memorial to be built in British Columbia
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CBC News
NELSON, B.C. – B.C. activists plan to erect a bronze sculpture honouring draft dodgers, four decades after Americans opposed to the Vietnam War sought refuge in Canada.

The memorial, created by artists in Nelson, B.C., ties into a two-day celebration planned for July 2006 that pays tribute to as many as 125,000 Americans who fled to Canada between 1964 and 1977.

“This will mark the courageous legacy of Vietnam War resisters and the Canadians who helped them resettle in this country during that tumultuous era,” Isaac Romano, the director of the Our Way Home festival told a news conference in Nelson Tuesday.

The event will honour people who came to Canada and resisted war efforts, from burning their draft cards during the Vietnam War to leaving the army to protest the war in Iraq, Romano said.

Seeking Sanctuary (CBC link no longer operative)

Draft-dodger Memorial Angers VFW
Hey guys, chill out. Canada will go down in history as the only country ever to commemorate the “courageous legacy” of draft-dodgers and deserters. A first!

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  1. […] were treated as heros. Activists wanted a memorial to draftdogers. A Memorial to Draft Dodgers? Memorial to Draft-dodgers Kerfuffles and Flourishes To Our Parents __________________ "If you don’t stand behind our troops, please, feel free […]

  2. burm says:

    So called “draft-dodgers” were the only ones with the courage to stand up for what is right. They are the true heroes.

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