Dog Sledding in Canada

Tucker Carlson Explains Canadians’ Preoccupation With Dog Sledding

Is it true as Tucker Carlson claims, that there’s a whole lot of dog sledding going on in Canada …. and not much else?

(VIDEO of Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter on Canada)

If you are weary of Ann Coulter, skip the first part which feature clips from her (although they’re funny) and go to “2:10″ for Tucker Carlson’s interview with a Canadian government official.

Has anyone else noticed an interesting factoid about the American/Canadian border? Although Canadians generally exhibit disdain for America and Americans, the majority of them prefer to live as close to the American border as they can. In contrast, Americans, most of whom don’t even know that Canada is on the same continent as the United States, tend to live as far away from the Canadian border as they possibly can.

More Tucker Carlson Video: Are Canadians Mentally Retarded?

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