Captain Potty Mouth

Has Crashed and Burned? That is what “American Daughter” is writing about James Webb’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Those steamy novels that the former Republican wrote during the long hazy summer days of Virginia, have come back to bite him. One wonders how well the Democrats vetted their candidate, as Virginians are a culturally conservative people who just do not cotton to incest, pedophilia, and titillating porn in the writings of their elected officials. This is a ‘family values’ state; James Webb is probably toast.

American Daughter asks about the two major supporters of James Webb’s campaign, John Kerry and former Virginia Governor Mark Warner:

  • Did they have such poor judgment that they believed they could palm such a foul-minded candidate off on Virginia?
  • How careless would either one be if elected President in vetting potential cabinet members and support staff?

Virginia Republicans are rejoicing and Virginia’s anti-war Democrats seem destined for the dust bin of history, if for no other reason than that they wasted the efforts and resources of their volunteers and contributors on a candidate who never really stood a chance with Virginia’s voters.

And just yesterday, Kerfuffles shockingly blogged about Captain Underpants. Comes today, and we are really shocked, shocked by our own would be Senator Webb.

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