Canada’s Open Arms

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February 8, 2006

Message from Canada: War Resisters Welcome Here!

And just how many Iraq War Resisters took up the invitation to flee northward into the “warm and furry” embrace of Canadians? I counted nine at their website. Interesting, as it is not really necessary to become an Iraq War resister as there exists NO draft in the United States.

Actually, these are not really “war resisters,” they are DESERTERS, for they have already “voluntarily” joined the United States military and “voluntarily” sworn an oath to serve. Why would a “war resister” join the military? Any “war resister” with a brain would choose to NOT join the U.S. military and stay home in the United States as opposed to joining up and then running to Canada to escape going to war. Perhaps cowards lack brains; I just don’t know. Perhaps these nine really were looking for an opportunity to live in Canada and could not get immigration papers unless they were genuine American Deserters. After all, Canada is very selective about “which” Americans may live there, and with draft-dodgers no longer available as immigrants, Canada has had to settle for what are euphemistically described as “war resisters,” whom everyone outside of Canada knows as DESERTERS.

So what was the point, Canada? Oh, I get it: “War resisters welcome here!” So, I guess, a few years down the road, we can expect to hear clamoring for A Canadian Memorial to Iraq War Deserters?

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The image, Vietnam War Resisters say Let Iraq War Resisters Stay – February 8, 2006 at Toronto Federal Court – 052, is subject to copyright by photopia / HiMY SYeD. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.

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