What’d She Say?

“Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason.”

“Whenever the nation is under attack, from within or without, liberals side with the enemy. This is their essence.”

Did Ann Coulter really say that? And does Ann Coulter really like cowboys?

How much does the Left hate Ann Coulter? A lot, and that was why I was surprised to hear Rachel Maddow, Air America talk show hostess, proclaim on Tucker Carlson‘s “The Situation Room”, about Ann Coulter: “She’s actually an ex-girlfriend of mine. It’s a little known fact.” WOW! I’ll say it is. Oh Annie – Ann! What revelations are coming next, as Tucker Carlson offers to pay cash to Maddow for the video. The VIDEO

13 Responses to What’d She Say?

  1. nagaijin says:

    Well, did she or didn’t she? And do you agree with it? And can you prove such a silly statement?

  2. Neddy says:

    I cannot even prove that she said those hilarious quotes. Maybe someone can post the evidence.

  3. nagaijin says:

    Well then if you can’t prove she said them and you can’t prove that the statements themselves are true, you’re publishing lies. doesn’t that bother you?

  4. Neddy says:

    Whew! What fuzzy logic you possess!

  5. nagaijin says:

    The sentences don’t make any sense. Why do you post them, and why do you ask if Ann Coulter said them? I don’t understand.
    By the way, you don’t like Ann Coulter, but you’re always quoting her or mentioning her name. I don’t understand that either.

  6. Neddy says:

    I love to quote Ann Coulter’s funny comments because she drives laming fliberals absolutely nuts.

  7. nagaijin says:

    Well, liars always drive honest people nuts, including liberals.You told me you didn’t like her, but you seem to have changed you mind.

  8. nagaijin says:

    “She is an entertainer whose carefully honed schlick is to garner attention to herself for promotion and book sales purposes. That is the main reason she continues to spew outrageous comments.”

  9. Neddy says:

    Yes, that is my basic opinion of her. I don’t believe that I ever said that “I don’t like her.” Although, I find many of her comments downright funny, she is often much too strident and outrageous. My beef about her is that she becomes the face of Conservatism, which is unfortunate. Actually, Liberals should love her as she makes Conservatives look bad.

  10. nagaijin says:

    So why would you post her statements, which make your cause look ridiculous? Take the above statements, for example: if you replaced the word Liberal with Conservative, you could find actual examples from the days of isolation (when Republicans were afraid of offending Hitler), which kind of defeats your purpose. Besides, it was LBJ and Kennedy who got you into that war in Vietnam. They were certainly liberals, and didn’t side with the enemy.
    Don’t you see? As statements, they are demonstrably false, no matter how good it might make you feel to quote them. Don’t you think there’s enough ignorance out there without spreading more?

  11. Neddy says:

    I post the statements because I find them funny, and since there cannot be humor without truth, I do not accept your statement that they are “demonstrably false.”

    She is speaking of Liberals of today, not thirty or forty years ago. These Liberals are a new breed and should really be called “Progressives” as their beliefs actually have almost nothing in common with the true meaning of the word “liberal.” John Kennedy was a Democrat, but he was no Liberal. You referred to Jefferson and Thomas Paine as Liberals. They were, but are turning over in their graves when they hear the rantings of Democrat Liberals of today’s United States. TJ, TP and the Enlightenment Boys did not espouse a social welfare state nor call for a powerful national government to regulate business and redistribute income. Jefferson, Paine, et al, were what is now know as Classical Liberals. My favorite Classical Liberal of today is Milton Friedman.

  12. nagaijin says:

    I notice when someone makes a similar kind of “joke” about you, you go ballistic and ban them. It’s a pity none of your friends ever writes in to defend you. There’s a lesson for me there..

    You also don’t know the difference between a liberal and a socialist, so you’re not worthy to call herself a conservative (for that matter, you sound more like a libertarian, so you don’t know what conservative means either).

  13. neddy says:

    I guess when it comes to telling other people how little they know and what they should think and write about and how unworthy they are in whatever endeavors they attempt, I am indeed deficient.

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