Who are the Ignoramuses?

This post was originally made on 8 February 2005 at “Blatherings.”

Who are the Ignoramuses? They are Bob McKeown of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and self described “veteran political journalist”, Doug Ireland, who say that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”.

Coulter: “I think you’re wrong

McKeown: “No, took a pass on Vietnam.”

Coulter: “I think you’re wrong.”

  • Bob McKeown is a Canadian; Ann Coulter is NOT!
  • Bob McKeown is a journalist; Ann Coulter is NOT!
  • Bob McKeown works for CBC; Ann Coulter does NOT work for FOX News!
  • Bob McKeown says that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”.
  • Ann Coulter says Canada did NOT take a pass on the Vietnam War!

Who is more correct? Who knows more about Canadian history and who is more responsible as a journalist? NOT Bob McKeown! NOT Doug Ireland, who describes himself as a “veteran political journalist”. Ann Coulter is right again! Ann Coulter wins anyway you look at these ridiculous pieces of muckraking drivel.

Why are the bloggers scrutinizing Coulter’s statement to the nth degree, while ignoring Bob McKeown’s blatant fictional propaganda that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”? Shouldn’t they hold a member of the high and mighty Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to at least a minimum of journalism standards? When McKeown said that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”, he exposed himself as someone unwilling to acknowledge the sacrifices of his fellow countrymen and as someone ignorant of the history of his own country during the Vietnam era.

Canada did NOT “TAKE A PASS ON VIETNAM”! Canada was allied alongside the United States. Canadians and Hate America Libs can no longer get away with rewriting history. We have Google now. And to those “truth-seeking Canadians” I say, help is on the way. FOX News cometh and the wiley FOX will eateth the breakfast, lunch and dinner of CBC.

The Blue Maple Leaf

BTW: What is the CBC? The CBC is the voice of the Liberal party of Canada. The CBC is a propaganda tool to spread the Liberal party’s agenda. The CBC is paid for by Canadian tax payers. The CBC is a very low rated channel because almost no one listens to it. The CBC is a waste of government resources that is supported by the Liberals. (Kinda sounds like PBS in the US.)


9 Responses to Who are the Ignoramuses?

  1. nagaijin says:

    “What is the CBC? The CBC is the voice of the Liberal party of Canada. The CBC is a propaganda tool to spread the Liberal party’s agenda”

    Wrong as usual, Neddy. You might want to throw a few facts into your ramblings. I would almost bet money that you have never once listened to the CBC and are just obediently spreading some silly propaganda like a kid passing notes in school (or the staff of FOX news). Besides which, if you can still post this nonsense from 2005, you obviously don’t know that the government of Canada changed in early 2006 and there is now a Conservative administration. The CBC, presumably, answers to them now. Will you change your tune now?
    By the way, why are you praising Ann Coulter here, but running her down in your comments here :https://kerfuffle.wordpress.com/2006/10/11/ann-coulter-was-right-2/
    (scroll down to comments). You’re not very consistent. Do you even read this rehashed stuff that you’re posting? If you don’t, why should we?

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    FYI – “This post was originally made on 8 February 2005 at Blatherings” prefaced the post, therefore all references are to happenings prior to that date.

    Yes, I know that it is now 2006, and that Canada has come over from the dark side. Just how far the country has progressed towards the reality of its Vietnam era history will show soon when Canada celebrates its veterans on Remembrance Day. Will its Vietnam veterans be thrown a crumb or two? If so, perhaps Kerfuffles can pat herself on the back. If not, and they continue to be shunned, as I suspect will be the case, I will continue with some new postings, possibly explaining to those “oh, so peace-loving Canucks” just whence came Agent Orange and just why all those Vietnam refugees taken in by Canada, were forced to leave their native land.

    As I have explained over and over, I am not a fan of Ann Coulter, however that does not preclude me from defending her when she is correct against unfair and untrue attacks from liberals who have not a clue about Canada’s role in the Vietnam War.

  3. nagaijin says:

    Surely America owes them something on Veterans Day? Nothing to do with us.

    Yeah we know: guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but all those Vietnamese who had Agent Orange dropped on them by the Americans were killed by Canada! Hilarious!

    Don’t bother replying – you don’t make any sense.

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Hilarious Indeed. Agent Orange never killed anyone – only the American planes that delivered Canada’s “oh so safe” garden herbicide were the killers. Although fighting the scourge of communism in Vietnam was offensive to Canadian sensibilities, American “blood money” was not. Who are the Ignoramuses Indeed! Kerfuffles makes very “Good Sense,” but quite a different “sense” than the Canadian kind.

    Read about Canada’s Good $en$e.

  5. Maria says:

    Neddy, before poeple dragged you kicking and scremaing into the “fact” that all Agent Orange, Purlple and whatever other color of the rainsow was used (there a were a few), you completely ignored the truth and trashed any one who didn’t agree with you. You are a little late.. and still hoist on your own petard. Then you go sucking up to the Memorial Association in Windsor – and “that” Madam, is a completely different story. Eventually, awarness “might” kick in on your part – but, one is forced to conclude you are not capable of geometruc thought,

    It looks good on you.

  6. Maria (Anne) says:

    Actually Neddy, it is not really fair of me to just land on you with a diatribe, although you do drive me nuts about this whole issue. I’d actually forgot all about you and, for the first time in long time, checked Google Webmaster external links, and someone had gone to the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial page I have up – from you blog – so I came for a look-see.

    You know, this isn’t really, as seem to believe a political issue in an of itself. It is a military protocol issue. As one Canada (Peacekeeper) veteran put it, it is not that I do not respect the service of Canadians who served in Vietnam or that they should be honored, but Remembrance Day in Canada is for Canadians who wore the Canadian uniform – the body of the solider in the Tomb of the Unknown in Ottawa, wears a Canadian uniform. It’s as simple as that. The names of Canadian Peacekeepers are not on The Wall in DC – they did not wear an American Uniform. It’s as simple as that.

    There are Canadian (Peacekeepers) who do not take issue with any of this – but I sure know “some” do. There are reasons why I changed the name of glanmore.org from Simply Southeast Asia to Lands of the Free, Because of the Brave. There were senior Canadians who did not want me to have a webshite in memory of those Canadians who have made the ultimate sacrifice in Afhganistan that in any infers that their service (and past service) has any association with being soldiers in US Forces in Vietnam. That is why, on the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial page, you will hear “TAPS”, and on Canadian Memorial pages you wil hear “Last Post”.

    Now, if you have a problem with this, I suggest you take it up with Peacekeepers Associations (look ’em up on Google, I did) and ask them, and take it up with Canadian National Defense.

    And while you’re at it, in your busy way, why do not insist reciprocity, I suggest you also approach Jan Scruggs and The Wall Committe and “demand” (as you are to Canada) that the names of Canadian Peacekeepers who fell during Operation Gallant be engraved on The Wall –

    I would never do something like that – I truly do not comprehend how you think you can dictate these things to “us”. Do I agree with it? this position? I don’t have to, and my opinion doesn’t matter one way or another. Neither does yours. It is military protocol on both sides of the border.. I’ve met some senior US veterans in my time, and I pretty guarantee you that the response you will get about engraving the names of Canadian Forces on The Wall will be met with an equal response.

    The Memorial Association in Windosr just added the names of Peacekeepers on their own without having the courtesy to ask anyone in Canadian veterans (I mean Canadian Forces veterans groups – Peacekeeper groups) and then just let everyone “assume” that this had been collaboration. How do I know? because I wrote and asked them permission to do both and they hadn’t even heard of The North Wall. Do you really think that this kind of conduct serves towards any possibility of recognition for Canadian Vietnam Veterans in Canada? That’s on the Memorial Assocation thinking they could just do it.. with no respect for service. That was a an unblieveable error in judgement with respect to Fields of Honor. For Canadian Peackeepers – and there is a whole group that do not want this mix-up of service, that is an insult – didn’t even have the courtesy to ask.

    I will never forgive the Canadian Vietnam Veterans Memorial Association for doing that. They want recognition from people they don’t respect enough to ask about engraving the names of the dead on a Memorial – they should have asked – but they didn’t, because they pretty much knew they wouldn’t get it. They are so wanting recognition that they did the one thing that will ensure that this does not happen.

    Like I said, I have no role in those deicsions, and neither do you, and youare being used. I sympathesize with what youare trying to do, but you are way out of your depth on this. I wouldn’t get in the middle – talk about incoming – and it’s not my place to dictate to either Canadian or US Forces how they remember their dead, and what day, and what services. I repeat, it is not yours “either”. Neither one of us have the T-shirt. Get with with the program.

    I just honor both with equal pride of place.

    I told you this – 3 years ago?

    Like I said, you just refuse to pay attention.

  7. Maria (Anne) says:

    The Sepcial Operations Memorial at McDill – Brian Devaney (from Toronto) is on it, and so is Melvin James Wright – and they were both in Special Operations – that is the criteria. Both Brian Devaney and Melvin James Wright served in US Forces. Melvin James Wright served with Special Forces, but his name (unless things have changed, I have not been in contact with the family lately) is not on The Wall in DC, because he was on a weekend pass charity sport dive and technically not in a combat area so not on The Wall.

    It isn’t always fair or right to alot of people – but it is the way it “is”. And you or I are going to rewrite protocol. It mgiht serve you better to hve some respect for it.

    and ues, I know what the criteria is, I was involved with both those placques.


    and again, you have no right, as a foreign national (I might add) to dictate to our veterans what they should do. Get Melvin Wright’s name on The Wall in DC, and then come talk to us.

    Talking to you is a waste of time, you are so pig-headed with blinders on.

  8. Maria (Anne) says:

    ONe last thing, before I get you gain.. The kind of thing ouare takng about.. cross-national service Memorials may just happen with Afghanistan, but not Iraq (well.. _maybe) but..Canada didnot going into Iraw – and thee are Canadaisn who have or are serving there.. Iraq? could also be like Vietnam and Canadian Iraqi vets who servied with US Forces will be facedw itht the same issues that Canadian Vietnams have an do.

    Given that Canada allowed a Peackeeper to accept the award of a Bronze Star.. you now? Maybe things will start to change for Fghanistan. I honestly don’t hve any idea..

    Again, not m diecons, or yours.

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