Doug Ireland’s Hit Piece

I originally published this post at “Blatherings” in February 2005.

Doug Ireland published a hit piece at his blog calling Ann Coulter all sorts of names because she said that Canada had troops in Vietnam. Well, I made two posts there giving links and information that Ann was correct, and he deleted them. So when you read his blog, all you will read are accolades to his scourge of Ann, nothing in her defense, even though she was correct. And he refers to himself as “a veteran political journalist”. Oh yeah – journalism, let’s not hear any rebuttals!

This is what I posted at Mr. Veteran Polical Journalist’s (Doug Ireland, Muckrucker of Bileland) blog that he does not want you to read:

Mr. Ireland writes about Ann Coulter “she was exposed for the arrogant fool she is.” My question is, what kind of arrogant fool would write a statement such as “Canada did not send troops to Vietnam”, without first making a Google search? Well, we know of at least two such “arrogant fools” – Mr. Ireland and Mr. McKeown. Of course, being the men that they are, we must excuse them, as they were obviously mesmerized by Ann Coulter’s legs. Mr. Ireland displays his mindset with his choice of title, “ANN COULTER STICKS HER ENTIRE LEG IN HER MOUTH”. Even in that contorted position, Ann Coulter, knew what she was talking about! The rest of you are merely gluttons for punishment. Therefore, I sentence you to Ann Coulter Hell.

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