O Canada, We Stood On Guard For Thee

I originally made this post on 9 February 2005 at “Blatherings”. It is repeated here because of new interest in the subject and to remind Canadians of their “other” veterans that they do not include in their upcoming Remembrance Day in November.

O Canada, we stood on guard for thee.

Recently, an American pundit, Ann Coulter, has been ridiculed for believing that there were Canadian troops in Vietnam. Why does she think they were there? Because they were there, as the image above demonstrates. The soldiers in battle proudly posted the ensign of their beloved land. However, their country, Canada, does not return that respect.

Tens of thousands of Canadians crossed the border to join up with the American military during the era of the Vietnam War. Over one hundred Canadians lost their lives in battle. One Canadian won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Today, Canada points with pride to the fact that they welcomed with open arms, America’s military deserters and draft evaders, yet they do not acknowledge their own citizens who fought against the evils of communism during the Cold War.

It seems the present Canadian government is attempting to rewrite the history of their country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Recently, Ms. Coulter, on a government supported Canadian broadcast, lauded the Canadian troops that fought in that war. She was rudely slapped down and told that she was wrong. The host, Bob McKeown, an employee of the government controlled Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) told her and his viewers that Canada took a pass on Vietnam.


6 Responses to O Canada, We Stood On Guard For Thee

  1. Anne Faulkner says:


    Where did you get permission to use that photograph? You got it from this webpage..


    Did you get permission from the webmaster? From the veteran that took the picture? I think not.

    I know about that photograph and, Ma’am, you should have asked permission.

  2. Anne Faulkner says:

    by the way.. again, you misrepresent the troops.. in evidence by your unauthorized use of the above photograph. In your insistence that “Canada sent troops to Vietnam”.

    “Look” at the picture. Who took it?

    Ken Foran, “United States Marine Corp” – a Canadian who served with United States Forces in Vietnam. Or are you saying that United States Marine Corp are the Canadian Forces?

    He put a Canadian flag up. Doesn’t mean Canada sent Canadian Forces to Vietnam.
    So, now, you are misrepresenting a photograph that was taken by a Canadian who served with the United States Marine Corp to “prove” that Canada sent Canadian Forces to Vietnam.

    That’s going to over really well. AND you didn’t even ask for permission to use the photograph. I know you didn’t.

    The United States Marine Corp and the Canadian Forces are two different countries, remember?

  3. Neddy says:

    Anne Faulkner – who are you now? The Canadian Internet Police?

  4. Anne Faulkner says:

    Fasten your chinstraps

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  6. Smithy says:

    Anne, why do you have to bash this person. She’s just trying to repersent Canada. This auther didn’t even use “canadian forces” in this article. The author used Canadian Troops the entire time.

    Settle down about the picture, unless she went and stole it from the persons house or hacked their computer then i don’t really see a problem.

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