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Those Turkish military pilots apparently find the handling of a fighter jet a bit too droll and hum drum, so they seem to prefer landing their airships upon runways that double as wildlife preserves for big cats. What a thrill it must be.

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The image, thk_181-01, is subject to copyright by aslanca20{ Lion }{ }{ msn: mutl. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin.

4 Responses to Military Aviation

  1. nilgn1966 says:

    just i saw the photo blogged,i wanted to say that that animal species never live here,i am a biologist and the leopard never can live in Turkey naturel landscapes or forrest or another areaithe photo must be cropped with photoshop,
    the ACCUSE OF THE Turkish Military is a big wrong and shame,this is related with the personal photographu,

  2. Kerfuffles says:

    Yes, I know the photo cannot be real, as both warplanes and leopards are much too valuable to put in such danger. However, the person who created the photograph is the one who has belittled the Turkish military, not me. From what I can gather about that person who posted it to Flickr, he himself is Turkish or from Turkey. I am only the blogger of such photograph.

    I was quite stunned when I saw the image, as I know a little something about military aviation. The fact that so many people believed the photograph to be real stunned me even more. My posting it here is to demonstrate my opinion of it as doctored and to show it to be ludicrous. If the airship displayed an American flag, I probably would have made the very same comment, especially if it had been a U.S. Air Force airplane. Actually, you know, I wish it had been a USAF airplane. Does the USAF fly F-14s? Hm-mm… If only I knew how to clone in PhotoShop (Why I Hate It).

  3. Emircan says:

    No the USAF doesn’t fly F-14s but the USN does and they are on their way to being dumped and replaced by more F-18s. Also the aircraft above is an F-16, an American made fighter which is pretty much Turkey’s main fighter plane besides the F-4 Phantom, another American made fighter. Judging by the red and white checkered band at the top of the tail, this fighter is from the 3rd fighter wing out of western Turkey in charge of patrolling the Bosphorus and the Turkish/Greek border. I’ve seen three of them in a V-formation from my home. Pretty neat stuff.

  4. cihan says:

    On the other hand, there is another “possibility”!:
    The aircraft could essentially be Turkish!
    But the jetplane should not essentially be in Turkey!
    It is, for example, in an African nation!
    Again for example, the jetplane could be there for a NATO mission!

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