We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome Pete Seeger, (YEA!) with … Bruce Springsteen. Perhaps it will be an improvement; only time will tell.


I first heard the album from my neighbor and went and bought three of the combination CD/DVDs. I gave two as gifts and kept one for myself. Although both CD and DVD sides played well on my media player, the tracks from the CD would not store in my Bose tuner, as they are supposed to do. I phoned Bose, and they said that was a problem with the CD side and told me to copy it onto my computer and then make a CD and use that to store in my tuner.

That is when I discovered that the CD would not play on my computer’s CD player, although the DVD would. I looked all over the album cover and there it was! Why had I not seen it when I purchased the recording? The “teeny, tiny” small print disclaimer is on the inside of the CD/DVD jacket, which can be read by the purchaser only after opening the well sealed packageing. It is the “liberal” way that those pseudo-capitalist liberal artists have of treating their paying customers, I suppose. The fine and teeny print reads “The audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications and therefore will not play in some CD and DVD players.” Thank you, Bruce Springsteen Productions.

Should I return it to Best Buy? The “some CD and DVD players” on which it does not play is my Gateway computer. Gateway must be one of those capitalist pig companies, I suppose. Anyway, I had come across the entire Springsteen “We Shall Overcome” CD at MuchMusic.Net, available for free download. I had wondered about that. Now I guess I understand – at least I can listen to the album on my computer now.

I probably will not return the CD/DVD because I do enjoy watching the performance. It is great. It does puzzle me that the best country music produced in fifteen years is coming from … ugh … Bruce Springsteen. But I’m not gonna worry myself about that now as I am just enjoying these songs of true Americana. Only one thing – I’m not giving Pete Seeger any credit for anything! They are not his songs; they belong to America! Not only is this one of the best country albums in years … not since the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was recording, but they say it is also a great … ugh … folk album and one of the best rock albums. Rock? Who knows? Certainly I don’t.

Even if you cannot play this album on your CD player, buy it for the DVD, as I ended up doing, and download the MP3s from the Internet. Give a liberal credit when he does something good and right for America. Buy it from Amazon, above, as it’s cheaper than Best Buy. As of today, the mp3 download is still up at MusicMatch.


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