No More Windmill Tilting

But I Still Hate Photoshop!

I now have my “Kinderdijk Windmill Picture” all fixed. It is not perfect, as somehow when my “Knight in Shining Armor” rescued it, the resolution changed dramatically. However, the dreaded raindrop in the sky is now “out, out damn spot! It is no longer haunting me each time I gaze upon my beautiful memory.

And yes, yes, to commenter “bob”, aka as “The Lurking, Trolling Adobe Software Engineer”, I at first thought that “alt-click” probably meant “alt + mouse click”, as that seemed most logical. When that didn’t work, I tried everything else I could think of. I am not asking for the ability to create the “Moon and Star Islands” with my photo editing. All I want is to be able to do the basics. Picasa2 is perfect for me. However, I cannot write text with it, and I cannot do cloning. Anyway, thanks to the generosity of others (my husband) I have my windmills all fixed, and I no longer have to tilt at them. My husband even offered to add more willmills for me. Imagine that! And he doesn’t even own Adobe Photoshop. But I am a naturalist; I don’t want falsifications in my photography. Here are my windmills without the raindrop in the sky: Kinderdijk Windmills! Enjoy.


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