I Hate PhotoShop!

Dutch Windmills

There! I’ve said it, finally releasing all that frustration built up over these past three years of my using that miserable excuse for computer software! I had always thought it was a “learning curve” thing, and that eventually I would “get it”. Today I have finally come to the realization that I will never round that “learning curve” and it is not my fault!

I hate using Adobe Photoshop 2.0. It is so difficult! The instruction window, which PhotoShop so cutely refers to as a “recipe”, will not stay open when I do what it tells me to do. Then I have to memorize all the recipe steps. When I finally get all that embedded into my brain well enough to start the execution of the many, many steps, it is then that I discover they don’t work anyway.

Now I may be a Granny, but I do know a thing or two about computers! However, I don’t know enough to use Adobe PhotoShop, apparently! Their recipe tells me that if I am using Windows, than I must “alt – click”. Well I would do that if I knew what it meant. I have been using Windows since it was first invented and all that time without ever knowing what “alt – click” means. It must have been a miracle that I got this far in the world! Well, I tried “alt – control”, “alt – enter”, “alt – shift”, and “alt – every key on the keyboard”, and nothing works. Where the heck is the “alt – click” key???????

All I was trying to do was a bit of cloning. I just wanted to remove the raindrop that you can see in the sky in the upper right of my beautiful picture of windmills. I followed all the steps to the letter, and I couldn’t get anything acceptable. It is always the case with Adobe Photo-Shop that every time I try to use it, I end up closing it and going over to MS Picture-It 7.0 or PaintShop Pro or Picassa or two or three other “FREE” photo softwares I have installed. All of those actually work. I cannot even add text to a picture in Adobe Photoshop without going through 100 steps, and then I end up with script too small for the human eye to read. Picture-It is very simple – I just type in a box on the picture, and “voila!”

All the free photo-editing software works as it should, and the only photo-editing software that I bought and paid for, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0, is unusable. Go figure! If I weren’t so frustrated I would have gone over to my Nero software to see if I can clone with it, but instead I sent the picture to someone who has never used Adobe PhotoShop, and he is cloning it for me.

And don’t write and tell me to upgrade to Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 4.0, as I am not that dumb!


4 Responses to I Hate PhotoShop!

  1. PFD says:

    “alt-click” = just press the “alt” key on the keyboard and click the left button on your mouse at the same time.

  2. Neddy says:

    PDF – I think I tried that. I was mashing the alt button and clicking everything else I could think of. I doubt that I will ever have such problems again, as I probably will never return to PhotoShop. There are very few photo-editings I do that cannot be accomplished with Picasa.

  3. Pam says:

    Hmm, I’ll take your photoshop off your hands if you want to unload it. I’d kind of like to try it out.

    I used PaintShop Pro for years and until recently it served all my purposes.
    They gradually got more an more “Pro” like and it got more and more complicated. I think they assumed only artists use it, those who know all about layers and masks, etc. Its a mystery to me, that part.

  4. Kerfuffles says:

    Now Pam ~ That would be very inconsiderate of me to burden you with this miserable excuse for photo software. If you really want to “try” PhotoShop, I believe that you would be better served to go to the Adobe website and download their trial version for free.

    I am a big fan of Picasa 2 and the new Picasa Web Albums. If you don’t have that photo software, you should get it, no matter what else you use. It doesn’t do everything — yet, but what it does do, it does better and simpler than any other software. IT’s FREE!

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