Waning Plame Kerfuffles

Kerfuffles latest update on the now “Waning Plame Kerfuffles” is at the mirror site: Pay Us Our Money Down.

Lady Spy Plame and the Frog

17 Jul 2005 by Neddy – Following the marching Fog Frog, Superboy Wilson has been able to craft a bizarre yet delightful novella about a lady spymaster, Lady Spy Plame, and a town plunged into a walking-dead nightmare, because of the rending of the shroud of


Remember Plame-Wilson!

26 Aug 2005 by Neddy – Lest we have forgotten, their call is “Remember Plame-Wilson” – The Non-scandal That’s Lady Spy Plame, upon hearing of the questions coming from the Bush “Lady Spy Plame and the Frog”. A CIA Cover Blown, a White House Exposed


Lady Spy Plame and Superboy

19 Jul 2005 by NeddyThis poster is just more Plame-Wilson insanity brought to you by Free Republic. What more is there to write? Facts seem not to matter. Karl Rove had a “Top Secret” security clearance, which, according to news sources, clearly means that


Plame-Wilson Scandalessgate

18 Jul 2005 by Neddy – Lady Spy Plame Pete at Ihillary created this great cover for my ” Lady Spy Plame Story “, a “horrifying tale” of a love affair gone wrong, spun from the “LA Times Still Can’t Get Plame Facts Correct: The Los Angeles Times runs an


Plame-Wilson Love Story

18 Jul 2005 by Neddy – is how Neddy at Kerfuffles begins “Lady Spy Plame and the Frog”, which is, at it’s heart, a beautiful love story. Plame-Wilson is a scandal-less romance told in the voice of the unbiased Main Stream Media and including all the


Flogging a Dead Frog

11 Jul 2005 by Neddy – And, just how “covert” or “under-cover” an agent could Ms. Plame have been, if everybody in Washington knew she worked for the CIA? Not very. Think about it. According to Michael Isikoff in Newsweek, there is nothing in the Cooper


Why Is Judith Miller In Jail?

12 Jul 2005 by Neddy – There is something mysterious about this Plame CIA story and with Matthew Cooper being saved by the Judith Miller, good reporter, likely knew who Plame was. See Why Judith Miller Should Stay In Jail and Did Miller Out Plame?


Award Winning Truth-Teller

5 Jul 2005 by Neddy – When columnist Robert Novak named Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, to be a CIA operative, Joseph Wilson jumped to accusations that it was Karl Rove who unlawfully leaked the information, and Wilson made a famous remark about seeing Rove


The Gray Lady Suicide Bomber

15 Jul 2005 by Neddy”Mr. Rove has told investigators that he learned from the columnist [Robert Novak] the name of the CIA officer, who was referred to by her maiden name, Valerie Plame, and the circumstances in which her husband, former Ambassador Joseph


“Big Scooper’s” Scoop Verified

5 Jul 2005 by NeddyCooper and another reporter, Judith Miller, have been held in contempt of court for not cooperating with an investigation into who revealed Plame’s identity. Special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been investigating the alleged


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