Joseph Wilson on Attack

Karl “Whistleblower” Rove

14 Jul 2005  by Neddy – “If someone did, in fact, out Ms. Plame to newsman Robert Novak, that person  should be eligible for whistleblower protection for having exposed the nepotism  and spoils system at the CIA. Joe Wilson should never have been appointed for

Wilson Crying Wolf Again

14 Jul 2005  by NeddySpeaking of “abuse of power”, it is he and his wife, Valerie Plame,  In addition, the totally discredited “Mr. Valerie Plame” should remember that   He is now claiming that his wife is not Valerie Plame, but, get this,

Tin Foil Hatter Cats

16 Jul 2005  by Neddy”Valerie Plame (search) is a CIA agent with covert status. Can’t tell the country  she was the one who set her husband up to go tank a report on a key question  leading up to the war. No, no no. She’s a spook you see.

Judith Miller, Source or Leaker?

28 Jul 2005  by Neddy – This also explains why Miller never wrote a story about Plame, because her  goal wasn’t to write a story, but to get out the story that cast doubts on  [Kerfuffles] [CIA] [Valerie Plame] [Joseph Wilson] [Judith Miller] [Plame Affair]

Tin Foil Hat Cats

16 Jul 2005  by Neddy”Valerie Plame (search) is a CIA agent with covert status. Can’t tell the country  she was the [And] to top it off, Rove attends services at the same Episcopal  church’ as Joseph and Valerie Plame Wilson … So many sinister dealings,

New Kerfuffles

13 Nov 2005  by NeddyFiddlin’ Jacques; Plame-Wilsons and… Gates of Paris; A Shadowy Agency…  Moonbats Root for… Where’s Camilla? Les Misérables… Beauty and the… Tim Kaine;  Life in Paris; Epithets and Oreos. Technorati Profile.

A Medal For Karl

14 Jul 2005  by NeddySecret spymasters such as Valerie Plame should not be hiding out in the CIA  to engage Because Valerie Plame should have been outed by somebody.  “Let’s just assume that spy Valerie Plame knew her husband’s attitudes about the war

Karl Rove Plamed … Again

5 Jul 2005  by Neddy7 April 2005 Papers Say Leak Probe Is Over Hat Tip to Mark in Mexico. Trackedback  at WizBang and Outside the Beltway. Tags: [Valerie Plame] [John O’Neil] [Lawrence  O’Donnell] [Karl Rove] [Joseph Wilson]

“I Broke the Story”

5 Jul 2005  by NeddyTrackedback at Michelle Malkin’s post “LOOK WHO OUTED VALERIE PLAME“. Michelle  links to Byron York’s article, VALERIE PLAME, GUARDING HER PRIVACY. [Valerie  Plame] [Lawrence O’Donnell] [Karl Rove] [Joseph Wilson]

Dem Bones are Dry Bones

20 Jul 2005  by NeddyWill the real spy in the Plame-Wilson household please stand up? Perhaps Ladyspy  Plame’s open covert status was just cover for Superboy. But how appropriate,  the old Southern spiritual could have been written for the Plame-Wilson


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