Innocent Until Plamed

Big Scoop Reversal

10 Jul 2005  by Neddy”Sources close to the investigation say there is evidence in some instances that  some reporters may have told government officials — not the other way around —  that Wilson was married to Plame, a CIA employee.”

Leakgate, Rovegate or Wilsongate

17 Jul 2005  by NeddyI myself like “The Plame Kerfuffle” or “The Plame Blame Game”, but I suppose  that each of those is too much of a mouthful to gain much favor. However, recent  history demands that it must be suffixed with a “gate”.

More Big Scooper Scoops

5 Jul 2005  by Neddy by telling us what he told the grand jury. Nothing prevents him from doing  that, except a good lawyer who is trying to keep him out of jail.” Trackedback at  WizBang. [Valerie Plame] [Lawrence O’Donnell] [Karl Rove] [Joseph Wilson]

Innocent Until Plamed

10 Jul 2005  by NeddyThe newsmagazine has obtained documentary evidence that Rove was indeed a key  source for Time magazine’s Matt Cooper and that Rove–prior to the publication  of the Bob Novak column that first publicly disclosed Valerie Wilson/Plame as a

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