Message from the West

Islamists Get Out” by Daniel Pipes

The British shadow education secretary …, David Cameron, defined Britishness as “freedom under the rule of law,” adding that this expression “explains almost everything you need to know about our country, our institutions, our history, our culture – even our economy.” … Mr. Cameron spoke with a bluntness unique in four years of politicians’ discourse since September 11, 2001: “The driving force behind today’s terrorist threat is Islamist fundamentalism. The struggle we are engaged in is, at root, ideological. During the last century a strain of Islamist thinking has developed which, like other totalitarianisms, such as Nazi-ism and Communism, offers its followers a form of redemption through violence.”

But it was the British shadow defense minister, Gerald Howarth, who went the furthest, suggesting in early August that all British Islamists must go. “If they don’t like our way of life, there is a simple remedy: Go to another country, get out.” He directed this principle even to Islamists born in Britain, as were three of the four London bombers: “If you don’t give allegiance to this country, then leave.”

These statements, all dating from the past half year, prompt several observations. First, where are the Americans? No major U.S. politician has spoken of making American-based Islamists unwelcome. Who will be the first? … And finally, these comments are likely to be leading indicators of a broader campaign to restrict and remove Islamists – a move that comes none too soon.

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