Cause of Global Warming

Is Global Brightening! As the world continues to turn upon its axis, the sun is burning hotter.

Is global warming, if it is in fact happening at present which is not proven, just a natural cycle in the billions-year-old earth’s history or has it been caused by man’s interference in the environment? Curiously, charges and evidence of global warming started about the same time that western countries began taking steps towards cleaner air. Now comes evidence that “atmospheric brightening” may be the culprit. Atmospheric brightening occurs when particulates are removed from the air to improve its quality. However this cleaner air allows more sunlight to penetrate and, hence, accelerate global warming. If that is found to be the true cause of global warming, we would need to fix it by burning stuff outdoors, removing the particulate scrubbers from smokestacks, and banning electric or hydrogen cars? If not, as the environmentalists will soon be warning us – “we all will bake“.

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