Code Pinkie Luke

Listen and watch “Code Pinkie Luke”, as he and his ilk hang out near the wounded warriors, hoping to bask in the soldiers’ heroic glory, while offering feeble attempts at sympathy. If only the “Code Pinkies” could find something so worthy in their own lives, for which they would be willing to sacrifice life and limb. The protestors are driven by envy, not by sympathy.

The Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., where wounded warriors are treated, has been targeted by anti-war demonstrations since March. The protesters hold signs that read “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton.” It is all legal as the demonstrators have protest permits from the police department to position themselves in front of the main entrance to the Army’s Medical Center. “Code Pink Women for Peace” organizes the protests. Some conservative supporters believe that a hospital treating wounded soldiers is not a suitable location for anti-war demonstrations. Although anti-war protesting there is shameless, the protestors are guaranteed their say by our Constitution. All of the wounded warriors in hospital now being tormented by “Code Pink Ladies” have fought on the battlefields and off to protect that very speech that “Code Pink Women” is exercising.

Although we should not try to stop them, we also can exercise our own freedom of speech to note their lunacy and illogical thought processes. Listen and watch as one anti-war protester expounds. Demonstrating to the audience his [lack of] immense pride in his activities, he would only identify himself as code-named “Luke”.

Code name “Luke” told Washington (‘s Cybercast News Service that “the price of George Bush’s foreign policy can be seen right here at Walter Reed — young men who returned from Iraq with their bodies shattered after George Bush sent them to war for a lie.” “Luke” accused the president of “exploiting American soldiers” while “oppressing the other nations of earth.” The president “has killed far too many people.” Listen and watch hypocrite “Luke”, delighting in his three minutes of fame outside of an Army hospital, as he claims that he is speaking for the wounded soldiers there who are not able to speak for themselves. I ask you, who in reality is exploiting American soldiers? Those soldiers signed on voluntarily with George Bush; they never signed up with any “Code Pink Women”!
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