Reaping the Whirlwind

August 31, 2005

These are the words headlining Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s comments about Hurricane Katrina at the Huff and Puffington Post: “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind

Leave it to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to know the root cause of the Katrina natural disaster. You guessed it. The culprits are Republicans; two specifically – George Bush and Haley Barbour. From God’s lips to a Kennedy’s ears … Hurricane Katrina was visited upon the inhabitants of Mississippi because their governor, Haley Barbour, “offended God” by helping President Bush oppose the Kyoto Protocol.

“Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children.” Who would have known that a Kennedy would be a follower of the Reverend Pat Robertson, but he is, as he reminds us of the good Reverend’s 1998 warning “that hurricanes were likely to hit communities that offended God”. He continues writing that because of the role that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour played in derailing the Kyoto Protocol and President Bush’s promise to regulate CO2, Katrina decided “to spare New Orleans and save its worst flailings for the Mississippi coast”.

The very first commenter nailed Mr. Kennedy succinctly: “I can’t believe it but I think you are being entirely serious. You really seem to believe that Gov. Barbour’s rejection of Kyoto is responsible for this hurricane. I declare this to be an instant HuffPo classic. Satire is – once again – made redundant.

No Sharia Law for Australia!

August 31, 2005

If Democrats were smart, they would head on over to Australia and convince this Mr. Peter Costello to immigrate to America and set him up as a U.S. Senator, with a big “D” behind his name. They could then be on their way to winning elections again.

Muslims Who Want Sharia Law Told to Get Out!
SYDNEY (AFP) – Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law should get out of Australia, a senior government minister has said, hinting that some radical clerics might be asked to leave. Australia was a secular state and its laws were made by parliament, Treasurer Peter Costello told national television late Tuesday.

“If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you,” said Costello … “I’d be saying to clerics who are teaching that there are two laws governing people in Australia, one the Australian law and another the Islamic law, that that is false. There’s only one law in Australia — it’s the law that’s made by the parliament of Australia and enforced by our courts. There is no second law.”

Ruffles and Flourishes to Gates of Vienna.

Carnival of the Clueless

August 30, 2005

Right Wing Nut House” is up with “Carnival of the Clueless 12” saying that FINALLY something (Katrina) has come along to bump the Cindy Sheenan Cluebats’ Revival Meeting from the newscasts. See my post predicting this very happening: Escape From West Texas. Check out the Carnival for some FUN! Rick Moran writes:

“As Neddy at Kerfuffles points out, the liberals who run the Associated Press are a piece of work. The article criticizing the President’s gasoline expenditures as President got a lot of play this week, as well it should have. Such idiocy deserves to be highlighted.”

Audacious Petulant Paranoia

August 30, 2005

~~ John Roberts – Supreme Court Nominee
The more one reads the writings of John Roberts, the more one has to admire the “spunk” of the guy! That’s what comes from being a lone conservative amongst the sea of liberals at Harvard University. “Petulant paranoia” indeed! He truly knows the meaning of the phrase.

Liberals should love him for his disrespect in 1983, towards their despised Bob Jones University. White House lawyer John Roberts wrote to the Counsel for President Reagan referring to college president Bob Jones III as “audacious” and exhibiting “petulant paranoia” and suggested a reply from Reagan “telling Jones, in essence, to go soak his head.” (The St. Petersburg Times)

Roberts went after a Reagan speech writer who wanted the President to describe the United States as “the greatest nation God ever created.” Citing the Bible, Roberts wrote “God creates things like the heavens and the earth, and the birds and the fishes, but not nations.”

Of course, liberal women are not apt to forgive his impertinence towards their sex in some of his written comments. When Republican congresswomen urged President Reagan to consider federally adjusting women’s pay to make it more equal to men, Roberts proclaimed it a violation of free-market principles. “I honestly find it troubling that three Republican representatives are so quick to embrace such a radical redistributive concept,” he wrote in a 1984 memo. “Their slogan may as well be “From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender.'”

In 1985, he wrote a memo where he joked about a White House aide who in a previous job “encouraged many former homemakers to enter law school and become lawyers.” Roberts wrote “Some might question whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good, but I suppose that is for the judges to decide.”

Considering that Ronald Reagan has been awarded such an honored status in American history, one realizes that the many competent individuals who counseled the President during his term of office, deserve compliments for their service. Reagan was wise to add John Roberts to his team and America will be wise to add him to the Supreme Court. Captain’s Quarters has more at “Roberts – Conservative, but Not Crazy“.

Friends of the Baron

August 29, 2005

Baron at Gates of Vienna has posted a “small, but beautiful” list of friends. I am honored to be among them. These friends are lesser known blogs that he recommends. I will be busy checking them out. I have learned much from the erudite “Gates of Vienna” blog about the ancient relationship between Islam and Europe. I thought previously that Islam in Europe had affected only the Iberian peninsula. I was unaware, as their masthead tells: “At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.”

Cindy versus Tanya

August 27, 2005

“I’m just so honored that the universe chose me to be the spark that has set off a raging inferno,” Cindy Sheehan tells the L.A. Times. “And when I had to leave, it proved that you don’t need the spark anymore, because the fire is burning. And it’s not going to go out. If George Bush came out and spoke with me today and we went home, this wouldn’t end.”

As if anybody thought it would? Sheehan claims to have the support of “tens of thousands of angels.” The Associated Press reports that Al Sharpton is one of the “angels” planning a trip to Texas on Sunday. Other “angels” are from the neo-Nazi Web site who will “help put up a White Nationalist voice in the protest against Bush’s War for Israel that was started by Cindy Sheehan.” The Code Pink Women “angels” will have to take a “leave of absense” from the gates of Walter Reed Army Hospital where they have been tormenting the wounded warriors for volunteering to fight in George Bush’s army. quotes blogger Jonathan Wilson as predicting that after Cindy Sheehan leaves Crawford, Texas, that her handlers are planning a boxing match between her and Tonya Harding. Got to keep in front of the news, you know, and Al Sharpton will not keep them occupied forever. I googled the boxing match already and the predicted results are in. Make your bets now!
Cindy Sheehan versus Tonya Harding (Watch the Fight!)

Linked at Wizbang’s ‘Respecting Cindy Sheehan’.

Bob Hope Zombies

August 27, 2005

Ghost Breakers Would you believe that the film “The Ghost Breakers”, debuted in 1940? That was before I was even born! How was it that the land of Hollywood was erudite back then? Since most people have never seen the film from so long ago, here is a clip of the late, great Bob Hope inquiring about Zombies, of all things. Imagine, this was even before the Zombie Jamboree that took place in a New York cemetery when I was a teen. DO NOT MISS —

Bob Hope’s Greatest Line (1 mb WMV).

Ruffles and Flourishes to my neighbor Paddy who lives next to me in Cleary Hollow, Virginia. His website,, usually includes clips like Watch the running Deere.”

Edited 20 October 2007.