The Truth Laid Bear

That infamous New Zealand bear is wanting to know just what YOU think. So why not go right over and give him a piece of your mind. Give him a piece of mine while you are at it. He wants feedback from you on “The Truth Laid Bear“‘s first month of operation since its new launch of something or other. Ask him exactly what is “The Truth Laid Bear”? If it so “laid bear”, how come I can’t find the truth anywhere about how the system operates? Please don’t tell him that I sent you, as he has a habit of unevolving certain web logs on a whim, faster than a fundamentalist preacher can shout amen on a Sunday. A blog can be trudging along through the blogosphere one day as a fat and happy mammal and the next day, the webmaster awakens to find the bear has eaten it alive for a midnight snack. The webmaster can find nothing left of his precious site but a can of wiggly worms. And that is the honest-to-goodness Truth Laid Bear.

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