New News on Natalee

The Unending News on the Unending Story
If no body exists, no body can ever be found. With no body and no crime scene, how can anyone be charged with her disappearance? Will the tragic story ever end?

Well, at least not until they find the missing shoe. That’s right. Joran van der Sloot lost a sneaker somewhere on the island. Expect now a grand search for it, as well as for Natalee. This is beginning to sound like Cinderella, no? No! It’s OJ all over again! And here comes the story of the toothbrush. Wow, two brand new stories on one day! Somewhere, an impatient author is writing a soon-to-be best selling book. Unfortunately, he cannot publish until some of these missing pieces of evidence are found and some of the important questions answered. Such as whose DNA matches what? And will it matter? There are surely hundreds of people walking around Aruba with the same DNA as Joran. Afterall, they said there were thousands with the same DNA as OJ, didn’t they?

According to the Fox News’ Greta show [WMV VIDEO] investigative reporter Tito Lacle confirms the report of a toothbrush found. We also begin the saga of the missing shoe of Joran van der Sloot. The Political Teen has the Fox News Video.

Dan at Riehl World View says that there will have to be new DNA samples taken from the suspects, because the original procedure was flawed. Of course, it was flawed! It’s done in Aruba for gosh sakes.

Hyscience has Late Night Natalee Holloway Updates.

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