Holloway Blogs Boycott

There has been no really fresh news for sometime in the story of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba. Those doing Internet searches of the MSM for news usually come up empty handed. Enter the bloggers of Blogland who can offer recycled news reports and also message boards. I can personally vouch that doing a post on Natalee Holloway can bring hordes of visitors to a blog. See my post about it: The Duct Tape Strangler.

The Comments sections of posts have been so populated with scenarios by readers, speculating about what really happened, that some blogsters have set up actual message boards so that there can be a real back and forth discussion of the teenager’s tragic disappearance. Holloway blogsters have uncovered little know, yet mysterious linkages in the case. For example, Riehl World View, found that some of the alums of a now closed Tennessee military academy, are linked together in the Natalee Holloway disappearance. There is Jug Twitty, Natalee’s stepfather. Someone named Serge Mansur who lives in Aruba and is now General Manager of Cigarette Factory. (Aruba manufactures cigarettes? Hmmm… Wonder where they hide the tobacco plantations?) Another Mansur, Luis M. Mansur who works for the newspaper “Diario” on the island and has reported on the Holloway case. And even Duane and Greg Allman, of the Allman Brothers rock band. Huh? I wonder how Duane Alman got involved with the Natalee case as he has been dead since 1971?

Now war has broken out in Blogland amongst bloggers who pinched (borrowed) each other’s news reports that had already been pinched (borrowed) from someplace else. Seems, some of these blogmasters have gone giddy with their soaring counter statistics. And why not! The New Zealand bear uses them to determine the pecking order of each and every blog in Blogland. In addition, the more visitors to a blog, the more click-throughs to that blogs’ own Google and Amazon piggy banks. The pennies, dimes and quarters come rolling in for the Holloway blogsters.

Where has all this Natalee Holloway ALL-THE-TIME led us? Nowhere, really. In fact, Natalee Holloway news has been so scarce that after the MSM reported on a similar disappearance five years ago in Jamaica, the Holloway bloggers immediately pounced upon it, scooping each other about Claudia Kirschoch who disappeared in 2000. Riehl World View recently wrote of Claudia’s disappearance.

However, today the Arubans are draining a lake near the Marriott Hotel. And almost two months after the young girl’s disappearance, new witnesses have come forth claiming to have seen something on that fateful night. It has been only a few hours, so the new witnesses haven’t had time yet to change their stories, as is customary in the paradise that is Aruba. Last week, the Alabama legislature requested that citizens no longer patronize the island for vacations. And just today, one Holloway blogster of Blogland is calling for a boycott of those Holloway blogs that have not been fair, as in “unethical”, with their Natalee Holloway All-The-Time news. Read all about it at Riehl World View.

If you want to participate in that Blog Boycott Fest you will have to boycott the “Scared Monkeys” (67,000 visits a day), but not “The Political Teen” (6,600 visits a day). I haven’t checked to see what the Monkeys think about all this. They may want everyone to boycott “The Political Teen” and “Riehl World View” (49,000 visits a day). I think I will just boycott them all and try and get news of the story from MSM. One thing I have found, when an Internet search is done for “Natalee Holloway” one must first eliminate a site named “Useless-Knowledge.com”, as they have locked up the Holloway Aruba story even tighter than Dan Riehl, the Teen and the Monkeys combined.

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