Liberal Ignorance of Warfare

While blogging about the liberal reaction to the Purple Heart joke perpetrated by the Wedding Crashers web site, I came upon a quote by Atrios at Eschaton, which is the Number 11 ranked blog in all of the blogdom world, according to Bear’s Ecosystem. This would be considered a leader of liberal thought right up there with KOS. To show how out of touch these people are with the military and with military culture, here is what Atrios at Eschaton writes about a United States Marine officer, Hackett, and a Navy Captain, Minamayer, who both served in the Middle East during the War on Terror.

Wanker of the Day “Minamayer thinks he’s justified in questioning Hackett’s service because he was a Civil Affairs officer. You know, the guys who, like Hackett, have to go into Fallujah after we bomb the [expletive deleted] out of it and try to make nice with the local population. Surely not a dangerous or important job.”

Atrios continues the disparagement by quoting a statement from Eric Minamayer’s web site: “I fought the war on terrorism and now I will fight for you in Washington.” Atrios responds

“Minamayer in combat? Nope.”

I would like to ask, Mr. Atrios, just how many Navy captains he can name who served in combat during the War on Terror? When liberals try to discuss the military, they cannot help but display their illegal alien status. Truth be know, there likely are more senior Naval officers who served in combat in the Middle East during this war, then there are liberals who served.

How appropriate, that the same group of people who want to steal the valor of those who deservedly win Purple Hearts, would ridicule a Marine’s and a senior ranking naval officer’s service in a war zone. It would be absolutely useless and a waste of valuable time to even attempt to explain it all to them, as their minds are closed; sealed shut with the impenetrable cement of ignorance.

Wizbang has more information on this story. Linked at Outside the Beltway’s ‘Beltway Traffic Jam’ and Mudville Gazette’s ‘Hessians on the Rampage’.

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