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According to The Associated Press, “Phony Purple Heart Taken Off Film Web Site, WASHINGTON – Following complaints from a congressman, the producers of Wedding Crashers on Monday yanked from the movie’s web site a printable Purple Heart advertised as a gimmick to pick up women and get free drinks.”

Yet the comments at liberal web sites show that they think the veterans were objecting to the film’s comic use of the Purple Heart medal, and were seeking to have the Bill of Rights rewritten. Apparently, they just read only each others’ blogs, never bothering to read the original news story from AP which explains that a printable image of a Purple Heart medal was voluntarily removed from the web site by the site’s owners, when they realized their phony Purple Heart joke was not funny, but instead offensive. There was no censoring of the film; neither did veterans demand that it be censored.

After reading the liberal thoughts about faking The Purple Heart medals, I was left wondering just what that great general, who came up with the novel idea of awarding a medal to not only officers, but to enlisted men who were wounded in battle, would say if he were still around. As always, the shocking comments from liberals get me to wondering how anyone who has family in the military, or has ever served his/her country thusly, or who is just grateful to freedom’s defenders, would want to be associated politically with the sort of people who write and contribute to the web sites linked below. I continue to be astonished.

Band-AidIt’s Justa Joke! Taking their lead from the blog Eschaton, they claim it was the Republicans who started this Purple Heart kerfuffle with their “Purple Heart Band-Aids” at the Republican Convention? After all, if one is blind as a moonbat, a Band-Aid, a fake paper medal or even a Boy Scout medal could easily be mistaken for a real Purple Heart. The Movie Quill “Rants Entertainment” is concerned that the First Amendment has been rescinded:

“Can we still write what we want to write, or do we need to kow-tow to the prevailing wind of blue-haired ultra-conservative bible-thumping moral MINORITY?”

Call Me Carol wrote:

Did the Veterans protesting the use of Purple Hearts in the movie “the Wedding Crasher”, also protest the 2004 Republican convention attendees when they wore a bandaid with a mock purple heart?

Armchair Generalist wants to know:

“where those veteran groups were during the Republican National Convention last year… Maybe they were too busy applauding Bush’s stateside military record to notice the RNC delegates handing out the “Purple Hearts” in an effort to mock Kerry’s Vietnam experience.”

The Movie Blog writes that the use of the Phony Purple Heart was a tribute to the real Purple Heart winners. It shows that getting “free booze” is more important “than being a millionaire, or famous, or attractive”.

On the official website, the fake Purple Heart image has the tagline with it “Carrying a Purple Heart in your jacket guarantees you attention, admiration and plenty of free booze”. Apparently American Military Vet groups are quite upset by the use of the image. … I think the gag show a HUGE amount of respect to the image of the Purple Heart. … At the core of the joke is the understanding that the Purple Heart is such an amazing, important and symbolic thing, that in the wedding crashers minds it “guarantees you attention, admiration and plenty of free booze.” In essence, what the gag says is that to have a Purple Heart is more important or significant than being a millionaire, or famous, or attractive. … the gag actually pays homage to the image of the Purple Heart …

Hmm. Why would “free booze” be better than being a millionaire? Adrants too thinks the film is being censored:

“The movie, which, remember, is a movie and not real life, … While no one wants to diminish the hard work and sacrifices the fine, upstanding people who serve and protect America provide, we might want to remember this is a joke … Animal Magazine Publisher Bucky Turco commented, ‘It could almost be construed as a type of offbeat homage to their bravery and the power of the uniform.'”

Xpionated too believes the objection is to the Purple Heart in the movie and his message for the offended Vets: Get over it!

“… yes we know the sacrifices of our military veterans … . We’re just tired of being reminded now. Also, maybe you like the movie, maybe you don’t …. But the fact is it’s art. Just because it’s not ‘Platoon’-like drama, you feel offended. It’s all good to talk about a purple heart in a movie until you use it in a comedy and then rah rah rah….. Vets who are offended can walk out of the movie. But please don’t take valuable internet space with this non-issue….this damn political correctness BS is getting ridiculously blown out of proportion…”

The lovely and gracious Kirstina, a commenter at Film Rotation, wrote after reading of veterans’ objections to the fake medal: “Boo [expletive deleted] hoo. Learn to take a joke, you military [expletive deleted]. People always will find a reason to meet their daily [expletive deleted] quotient.” Striker, another commenter responded: “lol Damn right!” The Phil Factor believes that it is all about the “sex factor” and then compares faking of the Purple Heart medal to faking of Boy Scout medals.

“… anyone old enough to be a veteran or a member of congress does not have a sense of humor and was predictably outraged by this display of disrespect. Either that, or they’re overly concerned about women sleeping with men they barely know.”

To The People also sees it as “all about sex”, however, those comments are too offensive to quote. He does admit though, that he is one of those who “falsely claims” to have earned a Purple Heart. I guess he participates in the soon to be illegal hoax just to con women, as he writes:

“Purple hearts aren’t that special anyway. Yeah, yeah, you got shot. You know why? Because you were in another country trying to kill their people. Did you think they wouldn’t shoot back? For all the ladies out there, I guess I should tell you that I have a purple heart before Congress makes it illegal to falsely claim I have one.”

Terri Pool claims to be a law student at UA-Fayetteville Law School in Arkansas, and if she really is, I send my sympathies to anyone hoping to get a decent education there. She writes in Moonbat-speak, manageing to relate it all to homosexuality, at Terri’s Law Blog:

“Recently, purple heart recipients … were offended by the characters’ of the film Wedding Crashers use of the purple heart … I just want to express my deep feeling of disgust in the fact that these [expletive deleted] were the best that the United States of America could enlist to defend its citizens and municipalities. These [expletive deleted] can take a bullet, but they can’t take a [expletive deleted] joke. Now remember folks, these “men” fought for the USA before the military’s technically illegal “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (the government should hold itself to higher, not lower standards than other employers, regardless of the nature of the occupation – after all, it would be illegal if a security/bodyguard service or a local law enforcement agency refused to hire or fired a person for being openly homosexual). Hmm… Now, I’m not saying that they’re gay; I’m just saying that I know queens, pitchers and catchers alike, who are more butch and less sensative that those [expletive deleted]… “

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