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Morphing Blogs into Web Magazines

Have you morphed your blog into an “On-line Magazine” yet? Why not, practically every other blogger has, according to CNN. Bob Brigham of Swing State Project tells us how to lose blogging buddies and gain MSM friends. He writes in a post entitled “Blogging Dies to Save Blogging”, that after he switched, it felt like he had won the lottery. “Socially I am living a rags to riches fairytale. Yesterday, I was friends with a bunch of ‘bloggers’ but today I’m friends with honest to goodness ‘members of the press’ — living the high life like a member of the Gang of 500. You too can improve your social standing with a single post, “.

Trey Jackson has the video of CNN (wmv) and the discussion of the blogs, Jackson’s Junction: Video: “Inside the Online Magazines”.

TalkLeft.com has a post today entitled “The Day the Bloggers Died“:

“As of yesterday, blogs are dead. Say hello to the Online Magazine Community. Others joining so far:

TalkLeft is joining the community. We are now ‘the online magazine for liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news.'”

The Talent Show has posted the transcript from the CNN discussion of blogs, er … “Web Magazines”:

TATTON: Yeah. And back to the left side. I just mentioned Atrios. This is Escaton who up until yesterday was a blogger, now announcing himself — Escaton, an online magazine of news, commentary and editorial. And you’ve got the background how all that happened.

SCHECHNER: We’ll tell you how this evolved. So, Duncan Black is one of several bloggers who has been testifying before the Federal Elections Commission over the past couple of days. They have been addressing the issue of who is a journalist, who is a blog. How should campaign regulation be extended into the blogosphere, if it should at all. They are all saying no, it should not.

But Duncan has some questions, wondering why he was treated differently as a blogger than he would be as a media entity. For example, why is Salon.com entitled to the media exemption, but not him. This sparked something.

TATTON: Yeah. Those questions raised over at Escaton. This post here from the talentshow.org, also until yesterday a blog. The site’s host realized the potential pit falls of being a blogger in this day and age of potential FEC regulations. So, they’ve taken drastic measures. They’re no longer calling themselves a blog, instead, a web magazine.

They say the content’s going to look the same, the site’s going to look the same, but the changes as far as the FEC is concerned will be drastic. Just in the name there. Starting tomorrow, my days as a blogger are ending and my days as a writer are beginning. Now, this has sparked lots of different people getting on this bandwagon doing the same thing. They update today looking at some of the sites doing the same thing. One of them is talkleft.com, who declared the day the bloggers died saying that we are now the online magazine for liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. So, lots of people jumping on this.

SCHECHNER: Over at Swing State Project, Bob Brigham doing the same thing, saying he used to be friends with bloggers and now he is friends with members of the press. So you too can improve your social standing with one single post.

TATTON: So, lots of fun posts on this. But this is a very important topic to bloggers with a very important message out there for the FEC. Do not regulate us. We’ve been saying that all week. And that concludes today’s installment, Suzanne, of inside the online magazines, back to you.

Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters says that he’s not doing it! This Is a Blog. This Will Remain a Blog, and he explains why. Trackedback at Blogs for Bush.

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