The 1805 Trafalgar Triumph

Off the coast of Portsmouth, England, the British are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the great naval rout by their Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Has it been 200 years already? My how time flies; it seems like only yesterday that the British, after being ousted by their American colonials, achieved the great victory at sea over Napolean and France. That victory bucked up the Tories so that they sailed back over to the other side of the Atlantic to take revenge on the upstart new cousin country. The British redcoats learned a lesson or two, finally, taught by General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. Isn’t it amazing how history just goes on and on until we finally wind down to today, which actually seems like only yesterday.

The original Anglo-Franco sea skirmish broke out on October 21, 1805, off the Spanish coast, and the victory by Britain against France, spelled the beginning of the end for Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquest of Europe.

Britain Honors 1805 Trafalgar Triumph: “PORTSMOUTH, England – Seventeen tall ships from five countries held a mock sea battle Tuesday off England’s coast to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, Adm. Horatio Nelson’s stunning victory at sea that gave Britain naval supremacy for a century.”

It would certainly be fair to say that England saved Europe from becoming French 200 years ago, and then again just recently, the English prime minister, Tony Blair, battled the French once again at Brussels, and vanquished Jacques “new Napolean” Chirac from seizing control of the continent in 2005.

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