Why Didn’t Rehnquist Retire?

Intrigues from the Most High Court, with an interesting prediction from KN@PPSTER who says “I’m suspicious“.

“Prediction: Rehnquist will give notice of his retirement on the afternoon that the Senate goes into its holiday recess. Bush will make a recess appointment — effectively putting whomever he wants in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court through 2006, if I read it right. From C-SPAN:

“Any recess appointment the President makes during the first session of a Congress will last until the end of its second session [each Congress is split into two sessions of approximately one year each].

“If I’m right, you read it here first. If not … well, you read it here first anyway.”

Could be; wait and see, says Kerfuffles. I wonder if that would be a wise thing for Bushy to do? He is one wily coyote, that Bush, and I would not be at all surprised if he and Karl Rove have already made the plans as reported by ScrappleFace:

Bush May Condemn and Seize Supreme Court
by Scott Ott (2005-06-24) — A day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local governments may seize private property to promote economic development, President George Bush said he may soon move to seize the high court under “the executive branch’s power of eminent domain.”

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