Freedom Comes Hard II

Son of HyscienceHere is a blogger’s son, on the right, fighting for freedom. Hyscience entitles the image as “Firm and decisive action including necessary force when and where needed” and further writes that it demonstrates:

the conservative’s choice of tools for fighting terrorism and fighting the mindless Islamists in Iraq instead of in our own neighborhoods: How do I know that these guys are conservatives? Answer – first of all, the guy on the right is my son! Second, our armed forces overwhelmingly voted for George W. Bush. And that’s a fact, Jack.

God Bless Us All – each and every one, especially American parents with sons and daughters in the fight for freedom! And God, please inspire these precious sons of America to wear helmets when firing at the enemy.

Check out Freedom Comes Hard I, Trackedback at Hyscience.

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