Holiday Indonesia or Malaysia?

Let’s fly off to Bali. Think again! Especially, if you check baggage and leave it unlocked. I often wonder if this happened to me when I was flying from Phoenix, Arizona to Dulles, Virginia. I had some papers in the zippered side pocket of my suitcase. They completely disappeared although they were of no value to anyone else. Yet, the U.S. airlines, encourage us to leave our bags unlocked, in case they need to search inside for security reasons. Could this happen to you or to me?

Schapelle Corby – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Schapelle Leigh Corby (born 197707-10) [1] [2] is an Australian woman convicted of smuggling 4.1 kg of marijuana into Indonesia. On 200505-27, Schapelle Corby was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years jail. She was also fined IDR100,000,000 (AUD13,875), with an additional six months if the sum is not paid.

Wizbang blogs:

An Indonesian court has found Schapelle Corby, 26 year-old Australian beauty school student on holiday to Bali, guilty of drug smuggling and has sentenced her to 20 years. Corby was convicted smuggling 9 pounds of marijuana into Bali in an unlocked boogie board bad, though she has no criminal history and claimed in her defense that her bag was tampered with illicitly by baggage handlers in Australia is a drug running scheme. The verdict was broadcast live in Australia, where Corby’s case has transfixed the nation. Schapelle Corby’s story has received scant attention outside of Australia and Indonesia, … .

GuruAnn’s Blog is devoted to all things Schapelle Corby and today is a Sad Day for her:

“Not too much more to say except that I am devestated with the verdict of the Indonesian Courts for Schapelle Corby. When the verdict was given, I fell into a bit of a heap, but Schapelles strength made me gain my composure pretty quickly. I will continue to work with others to try and bring the girl home. She is innocent! Thanks to all my friends that contacted me soon after the verdict, I was a bit too upset to reply at the time.”

Could Ms. Corby be truly guilty? If she is a smuggler, she is also an idiot, considering that cannabis grows wild and is readily available in Bali. She would have been “bringing coals to Newcastle.” It seems unlikely to me that she is guilty or an idiot.

Please say a prayer for Schapelle Corby and her family. That is probably the only hope the young Australian woman has now. Believe it not, some, such as Nic White at The 52nd State, writes that she was judged very leniently by the Bali “justice” system. “Schapelle Corby has been found guilty of smuggling cannabis into Indonesia, and has been sentenced to a very lenient 20 years in a Bali jail.” He continues claiming that because she was a woman, she was not punished by the more usual beheading. Thank God for such favors. The Aussies must be desperate to vacation in such an extremist country.

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