Glee at Daily KOS

On May 14th the report from the popular liberal blog, Daily KOS was one of total happiness and unrestrained glee. Their post was “Flush a Koran; Flame a Fire“, in which they used photographs to make a mathematical equation: “Koran + Toilet = Mass Hysteria“, commenting “Is anyone suprised at this equation”.

No, and no one is suprised by KOS’s profound delight at discovering another story to trash the U.S. military, who are the “so-called perpetuators” of this violation of U.S. government policy. That official policy requires that the U.S. Army treat Muslim detainees with religious respect, allowing them time to pray, honoring their dietary restrictions and allowing them access to the Koran. Yet “Daily KOS” and its readers readily accept a story that claims what our enemies say about Guantanamo is true, rather than give the benefit of the doubt to our own soldiers. They continue to live in the days of Vietnam. They continue to show disrespect to those in uniform who everyday are protecting them from the evil that lurks in the hearts and souls of the barbarians who read the Koran for guidance and use the Koran as a booby trap to blow up mosques and the worshipers in them.

Today, May 17th, and yesterday, when Newsweek’s retraction broke, what rant they at “Daily KOS”? They are now ranting about “supposed” censorship of the media by the Bush administration. As Liberal Fundamentalists, they continue to believe, even in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary. As expected, there will be no apology to the American soldiers at Gitmo who are performing the extremely hazardous duty of guarding the most dangerous of the Islamist evil-doers from blowing us up.

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