He’s Never Far from Back

May 31, 2005

Yes – Bill Clinton is never out of mind of the powers that be. Can’t we just forget about him for Pete’s sake? Or is it that we really yearn to return to those carefree times of yesteryear, when the Presidency was a titillating soap opera and the running of the country revolved around a young woman’s blue dress, wars were ended for all time and our sophisticated military weaponry was untested against homicide bombers?

The Survivor : Bill Clinton in the White House” by JOHN F. HARRIS ~ “According to Harris, ‘the stereotype of Clinton as a supremely guileful and deceptive politician was essentially wrong.’ Instead, he views Clinton as an insecure, needy man whose frequent shifts in direction and self-destructive behavior reflected not cunning but utter lack of self-control.”


In Remembrance 2005

May 29, 2005

“That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
Spirit, that made those heros dare
To die, and leave their children free.”
~~Emerson, 1837

Battle Hymn of the Republic is from rmcccentral.com, sequenced by Perfessor Bill Edwards.

Because of the nature of humankind, ever there will be wars. Two of my sons were in military service during the Gulf War. When I was a young wife, my husband served three tours of duty in Vietnam. My father was too young to serve in World War I and too old for World War II. My grandfather tried to enlist in World War I, both in Canada and the U.S., but was rejected. Those two were lucky. My great grandfather was called up for the Boer War while living in Africa. My Virginia forefathers served in the War of Northern Agression, the War of 1812, the American Revolution and on back through the Colonial Wars.

I was reading “Tidbits on Terrorism” at Hyscience and a found a new link to ARGGHHH! I got this above idea from ARGGHHH! , who blogs on “Memorial Day 2005“:

“I am the great-grandson of a soldier of the Civil War.
I am the grandson of a soldier of the Great War.
I am the son of a soldier of Korea, and Vietnam.
I was a “Brat”.
I was a soldier.
I am still a soldier, albeit in the Retired Reserve.

ARGGHHH! then tells the story, via e-mails from a friend, of Lieutenant Leonard Cowherd, 1st Platoon, C 1/37 Armor, USMA 2003, who was killed yesterday in Iraq. Freedom is a costly goal, yet we who have known its joy cannot live without it. This is a heart-rending story.

“My son-in-law, 2LT Cowherd, was killed this morning in Iraq. He is the armor soldier currently being referred to in the news. Platoon Leader. USMA class of ’03.

“My daughter has been staying with us since Leonard deployed. I was with her when the car pulled in the driveway and she was notified by the team from Ft Eustis tonight. Surreal is not the word.

“You can imagine that this is a numbing time for us.

“We expect an onslaught of details and issues tomorrow. I will be at home until such time as we are settled.

“I know you’ll ask, ‘Is there anything I can do?’ I appreciate and I will not hesitate to call should something arise.”

Spirit of 9-11
Declaration of 76
The Vietnam Wall
This Land Is My Land
Bless Those Who Serve
Rally ’round the Flag
In Memory of Our Honored Dead
Memorial Day at Davis Virtual Market

Donkeys Along Route 66?

May 28, 2005

Or are they Democrats? I was recently travelling along Route 66 in Arizona and my vehicle was plagued by a herd of what I thought were donkeys. I posted about it at Blatherings -Is this what is meant by “Get your kicks on Route 66“? Now I am reading at Reasoned Audacity, that they really are Democrats. I should have known!

|| Arizona Democrats – Always looking for a handout!

|| Are they wild burros, or are they Democrat Donkeys left behind by the working Gold Miners?

|| This Democrat fellow is the donkey Median Monitor of Route 66. It’s a public road, which means that he owns it.

|| Welcome to Oatman, Arizona – Home of the Wild Burros and the wild donkey Democrats who now own Route 66.

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No Korans = No Defamation

May 28, 2005

Is this a brilliant idea on my part, or not? Or am I just using common sense? Obviously, neither brilliance nor common sense were in great supply at the U.S. Pentagon when the Handling of the Koran Memorandum was created. On May 17, 2005, Robin Wright, Washington Post Staff Writer, wrote on page A03 of that issue: U.S. Long Had Memo on Handling of Koran

“More than two years ago, the Pentagon issued detailed rules for handling the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, … The three-page memorandum, dated Jan. 19, 2003 … written a year after the first detainees were brought to Guantanamo from Afghanistan, reflects what U.S. officials said was a specific policy on handling the Koran, one of the most sensitive issues to Muslims. The Pentagon does not have a similar policy regarding any other major religious book and takes ‘extra precautions’ on the Muslim holy book, officials said.

“‘They’re not supposed to in any way disrespect or desecrate the Koran, and there are a very specific set of rules the military has on handling the Koran,’ State Department spokesman Richard A. Boucher said yesterday. ‘We made it clear that our practices and our policies are completely different’ from allegations in a Newsweek article that the magazine formally retracted yesterday. The Newsweek report said that U.S. military investigators had confirmed that a U.S. interrogator at Guantanamo had flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet.”

Here are the Pentagon’s official rules for handling The Holy Book of Islam, which I have gleaned from the Washington Post article:

  • The Holy Book of Islam is not to be placed in ‘offensive areas such as the floor, near the toilet or sink, near the feet, or dirty/wet areas.’
  • Only Muslim chaplains and Muslim interpreters can handle The Holy Book of Islam, and only after putting on clean gloves in full view of detainees.
  • U.S. Muslim personnel must use both hands when touching the Koran to show “respect and reverence”.
  • U.S. Muslim personnel must use only the right hand to manipulate any part of the book “due to cultural associations with the left hand*.”
  • U.S. Muslim personnel should treat The Holy Book of Islam like a “fragile piece of delicate art”.
  • U.S. personnel are not to disrespect or desecrate the Koran, The Holy Book of Islam, in any way whatsoever!
  • U.S. Military Police are prohibited from touching the Koran, The Holy Book of Islam.
  • When moving The Holy Book of Islam from a cell, it must be placed on a “clean, dry detainee towel”. It must then be wrapped in such a way as to not turn it over at any time. Muslim chaplains must then document that while The Holy Book of Islam is in transit that it is never placed in any offensive area.

As anyone can see, the Pentagon’s rules are quite complicated. Although it would take considerable effort to flush a Koran in a toilet, many of these rules could be innocently forgotten by someone from another culture, such as an American GI, a truck driver, a janitor, etcetera. Meanwhile, Muslim terrorists worldwide are using the Holy Book of Islam as explosive booby traps, as bombs. These same people blow up Mosques where Korans are stored and they explode the Muslims there who are praying and holding and reading the Koran.

Even more outrageous, Muslim extremists interpret the teachings of the Koran to give them license to commit mayhem upon unbelievers, such as the citizens of the United States. Why are we providing this Most Holy Book of Islam to the Muslim potential terrorists that we hold in prison? By doing so, we are aiding and abetting those who plot against us. Why should we obey their rules?

If we were smart, we would NOT provide the Koran at all to Islamist detainees at Guantanamo. Instead, we would make available the Holy Bible, which is customary in “our culture”. Let them use it as they will. Read it or don’t. There are no capricious rules to fret about, as Pentagon officials say they take extra precautions only on The Holy Book of Islam. As quoted in the Washington Post: “The Pentagon does not have a similar policy regarding any other major religious book … officials said.” There will be no beheadings if one accidentally falls into the trash bin or is deliberately rendered. In our culture it is the words that are holy, not the printed books. It would be extremely rare, if known at all, for devout Christians or Jews, to use their Holy Book, as a murderous weapon. Contrast that with the happening of just a few hours ago in Pakistan, where a Muslim worshiper at a holy site blew up his fellow Muslim worshipers, killing and injuring scores, while spattering Muslim blood upon probably hundreds of the Holy Books of Islam.

I think ScrappleFace understands, as do I, as he is reporting today:

U.S. Blamed for Koran Harm in WTC Collapse, by Scott Ott

(2005-05-27) — Muslims in Pakistan and Afghanistan rioted today in response to new reports that copies of the Koran were desecrated when two American buildings collapsed after being struck by American airplanes in September of 2001. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) revealed that fragments of the burned and soiled Korans were discovered in the ruins of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.

*In Muslim cultures the left hand is always considered unclean, as it is the hand used for toilet hygiene and implies rubbing off of the “unhygienic residue”. In “1,000 and One Arabian Nights” enemies are referred to as “They of the Left Hand.”

Trackbacked at Wizbang Blog

Beware Coca-Cola

May 27, 2005

What Will They Believe Next?
In 1886, Frank Mason Robinson designed an elegantly-written “Coca-Cola” label using flowing Spencerian script. Robinson was a partner with pharmacist John Pemberton and together they invented and named the beverage “Coca-Cola”. This is the same Coca-Cola trademark that Muslims worldwide say is “anti Islam”. Believe it or not, if you view the Coca-Cola label in a mirror, the script becomes Arabic and reads “No to Mohammed, No to Mecca“, according to the web site, TheMuslimWoman.com.

Gates of Vienna describes it as “The Jihad that Refreshes” and writes further, “These are the dangers facing Muslim women today. To coin a phrase: You can’t make this stuff up.”

Snopes.com addressed this back in 2001, but who in the Muslim world would believe the likes of them?

Claim: Coca-Cola’s script logo was designed to reveal anti-Islamic messages in its mirror image.
Status: False.
Origins: No one is quite sure how this rumor got started, but many in the Middle East are now turning the Coca-Cola logo towards a mirror to examine it for anti-Islamic statements. According to the current bit of misinformation being touted as truth, the backwards script reads: “No to Mohammed, No to Mecca.”

“Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people…” (Hillary Rodman Clinton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, page 3)

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Why John Bolton for the UN?

May 27, 2005

I found this video clip at one of the Dems’ sites. It is from the Michael Moore site. The Libs are using the clip to try and make President Bush’s choice for UN Ambassador look like the wrong choice. However, most conservatives would find this video reassuring.

We need a patriot like this: John Bolton and the UN (video/quicktime Object)

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Holiday Indonesia or Malaysia?

May 27, 2005

Let’s fly off to Bali. Think again! Especially, if you check baggage and leave it unlocked. I often wonder if this happened to me when I was flying from Phoenix, Arizona to Dulles, Virginia. I had some papers in the zippered side pocket of my suitcase. They completely disappeared although they were of no value to anyone else. Yet, the U.S. airlines, encourage us to leave our bags unlocked, in case they need to search inside for security reasons. Could this happen to you or to me?

Schapelle Corby – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Schapelle Leigh Corby (born 197707-10) [1] [2] is an Australian woman convicted of smuggling 4.1 kg of marijuana into Indonesia. On 200505-27, Schapelle Corby was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years jail. She was also fined IDR100,000,000 (AUD13,875), with an additional six months if the sum is not paid.

Wizbang blogs:

An Indonesian court has found Schapelle Corby, 26 year-old Australian beauty school student on holiday to Bali, guilty of drug smuggling and has sentenced her to 20 years. Corby was convicted smuggling 9 pounds of marijuana into Bali in an unlocked boogie board bad, though she has no criminal history and claimed in her defense that her bag was tampered with illicitly by baggage handlers in Australia is a drug running scheme. The verdict was broadcast live in Australia, where Corby’s case has transfixed the nation. Schapelle Corby’s story has received scant attention outside of Australia and Indonesia, … .

GuruAnn’s Blog is devoted to all things Schapelle Corby and today is a Sad Day for her:

“Not too much more to say except that I am devestated with the verdict of the Indonesian Courts for Schapelle Corby. When the verdict was given, I fell into a bit of a heap, but Schapelles strength made me gain my composure pretty quickly. I will continue to work with others to try and bring the girl home. She is innocent! Thanks to all my friends that contacted me soon after the verdict, I was a bit too upset to reply at the time.”

Could Ms. Corby be truly guilty? If she is a smuggler, she is also an idiot, considering that cannabis grows wild and is readily available in Bali. She would have been “bringing coals to Newcastle.” It seems unlikely to me that she is guilty or an idiot.

Please say a prayer for Schapelle Corby and her family. That is probably the only hope the young Australian woman has now. Believe it not, some, such as Nic White at The 52nd State, writes that she was judged very leniently by the Bali “justice” system. “Schapelle Corby has been found guilty of smuggling cannabis into Indonesia, and has been sentenced to a very lenient 20 years in a Bali jail.” He continues claiming that because she was a woman, she was not punished by the more usual beheading. Thank God for such favors. The Aussies must be desperate to vacation in such an extremist country.

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VIACOM – Via Contempt

May 27, 2005

Mother Teresa was a living saint during her earthly travail. I have always believed that no one would contradict that statement and that even non-believers would honor her service to the unclean poor of the streets in Calcutta. Just a year after her death, the Catholic Church began the process of beatification, overriding their usual five-year waiting period following the death of a candidate for sainthood. However, the giant media corporation VIACOM, is traveling the “Via Contempt” when portraying Christian saints and the Catholic religion. (Cartoon from http://www.cartoonistgroup.com)

Today, I am totally shocked to read of the profane charges against such a saintly women and her acolytes, under the sponsorship of an American corporation, VIACOM. According to yesterday’s Catholic News Agency, the Catholic League

“is leading a charge, railing against the company, and their subsidiary, Showtime, for airing a program which they call ‘a full frontal assault’ on the late Mother Teresa and the Catholic Church. The program, ‘Holier than thou’, starring magician entertainers Penn and Teller, paints Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Charity as ‘cruel, exploitative, self-serving nun[s] who ripped off the poor’.

Here is the Press Release from the Catholic League. I cannot write, nor repeat the vulgar, blasphemous, and supposedly humorous comments about her that were aired on VIACOM’s television show, “Showtime”, however you may read the horrid details at The Anchoress.

At the web site of the Columbia Journalism Review is a listing of all the companies that are owned by VIACOM:

“One of the largest global media empires, Viacom has a financial interest in broadcast and cable television, radio, Internet, book publishing, and film production and distribution. Some of this vertically integrated conglomerate’s highly recognizable properties include the CBS network, MTV, Infinity broadcasting, Simon & Schuster, Blockbuster and Paramount Pictures. With such a diverse portfolio of properties, Viacom is one of the most profitable media giants as CBS is a top draw for older viewers while MTV remains the most popular teen orientated media outlet.”

VIACOM itself has a web site too, but don’t bother searching there for anything about Mother Teresa, as to them she seems not to have ever existed. I cannot help but wonder if VIACOM’s “Showtime” is broadcast in Italy. If it is, will they be brought up on charges of defamation against religion, as was author Oriana Fallaci, when she wrote negatively about Islam in her latest book? In Italy, “a preliminary judge in the northern Italian city of Bergamo, Armando Grasso, … said Fallaci should be indicted” for “inciting religious hatred” and “defaming Islam“. Would defaming Christianity or Catholicism be considered a crime also? Somehow, I doubt it.

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‘Early-Death Incentives’

May 27, 2005

are part of the new planned Social Security System overhaul proposed by the Democrats, according to The Onion. This would be funny, if it were not true, and it is just one more reason why we need the Democrats to stay with their game plan of saving the old folks by “doing nothing”. Who really enjoys those last few years, anyway?” asked 76-year-old Herman Norquist of Mesa, AZ, one of millions of seniors who have already signed up for the plan known as “EDIP”. “Better to enjoy five terrific, high-yield years of life than 15 low-yield ones.

“WASHINGTON, DC—Overwhelmed by a dearth of funds and a glut of recipients, the Social Security Administration unveiled a new ‘Early-Death Incentives Plan’ Monday. Under the terms of the program, senior citizens willing to sacrifice additional years of life will be eligible for larger payouts.

‘As the Baby Boomers approach retirement age and U.S. life-expectancy continues to rise, we are forced to distribute Social Security funds to an ever-widening pool of recipients,’ said Social Security Administration commissioner Kenneth S. Apfel, announcing the radical reform program. ‘But with Early-Death Incentives, rather than force millions of retirees to eke out a meager subsistence on a small stipend for years, we can offer them a few years of high living, followed by guaranteed, permanent relief from being a burden on the American taxpayer.'”

Under the Early-Death Incentives Plan, retirees can double their monthly Social Security payouts by signing an agreement to perish within five years, or quadruple their payouts by dying within three. Those eligible can also opt for a six-month Accelerated Mortality Program, which pays $4,000 a month over a half-year period, provided the person ceases living at the conclusion of the agreed-upon term.

“A senior citizen who is receiving $300 dollars a month under the current Social Security system can barely get by,” Apfel said. “But with EDIP, that same senior can substantially increase his or her quality of life simply by signing on for a slightly shortened term of existence. This will make it possible for recipients to eat out several times a week, purchase a nice, large TV to keep them company in their final days, and, at the end of the designated period, take a nice relaxing trip to anywhere in the world to die.”

The true story of Social Security, and More Truth on Social Security

You Have A Life –

May 27, 2005

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As anyone who has ever had one can tell you, the experience of running a popular blog/online journal is a double-edged sword. In the cutthroat world of online writing, every blogger is only as good as his last update.

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If that doesn’t slay you, read the testimonials of all the people who have switched, such as Arianna Huffington who says:

Ariana Huffington
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Do you really think most of the halfwit ‘celebrities’ who contribute to my blog even know how to write a complete sentence? So really, it’s not like anyone noticed when I switched to AutoBlogger anyway.

And then there is Dave Barry who testifies:

Dave Barry
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I switched the day I discontinued my column to “write a children’s book.” I only set AutoBlogger to post about 372 times a day so you all would think I’m working instead of bumming around the Bahamas.