State Sponsored Media Must Go!

Here is reporting of another abuse by a state sanctioned broadcasting company trying to cover legitimate news. Throughout the English speaking world the media sponsored by the federal governments are unanimously liberal and socialist leaning; so much so that even when conservative governments are elected, those entrenched forces are too powerful to change. From the BBC, the most infamous of all for its bias, to PBS in the United States and CBN in Canada, they all march in lock step with the liberal mantra, which in 2005, is principally anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-American. Contrary to their claims, their reporting is slanted to favor the left and to disparage the right. “We The People”, should ask ourselves why is it that a free society must receive its news from a government mouthpiece, such as the BBC, PBS or CBN? The Tories are furious as the BEEB sends hecklers to bait Michael Howard.

“By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor, (Filed: 24/04/2005)
The BBC was last night plunged into a damaging general election row after it admitted equipping three hecklers with microphones and sending them into a campaign meeting addressed by Michael Howard, the Conservative leader.

The Tories have made an official protest after the hecklers, who were given the microphones by producers, were caught at a party event in the North West last week. Guy Black, the party’s head of communications, wrote in a letter to Helen Boaden, the BBC’s director of news, that the hecklers began shouting slogans that were ‘distracting and clearly hostile to the Conservative Party’.”

John Gibson of Fox News has stood up to the BBC outrages against the current U.S. administration, and as a result the liberal British government has entered the fray and actually censured him, to which he responded that he was —

John GibsonProud to Be Censured by the British Government. I’ve got a bunch of Brits mad at me because I dared to defend myself for saying that a BBC reporter lied, that his bosses defended the lie and that the network displays a “frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Americanism.” Because I dared to say it, I have been “censured by an agency of the British government.”My attitude has been… do you get a medal with that? If there were an official “I’ve been censured” medal, I’d wear it on the air right next to my flag pin. Honest… if the palace has one of those, send it on over and I’ll wear it.

The BBC – Anything But Impartial by John Gibson

Hating America, The New World Sport by John Gibson


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