A Beautiful Death, by Paul Felos

March 26, 2005

“She looked beautiful . . . In all the years I’ve seen Mrs. Schiavo, I’ve never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her.”

Florida leads us to the new way of death. We see the new culture; the culture of beauty, the culture of perfection, the culture of youth. It is a culture of narcissism, a culture of ego, a culture liberated from Christian mores and prohibitions. It is as prophesied, the Culture of Death.

Noted “right-to-die” attorney, author and activist Paul Felos waxed into euphoria as he described the dehydration and starvation death of a mentally disabled woman. In all the years he had known her, Terri Schiavo had never looked more peaceful and beautiful than after eight days upon her death bed. In the Culture of Death it is indeed a beautiful thing to see such an imperfect creature take leave of this world. Or perhaps Mr. Felos was contemplating the now empty malpractice pot of gold.

Only the perfect and productive are wanted. Grandmother who requires spoon feeding has no value and is naught but a hindrance in the Culture of Death. An accident victim must be restored to full capabilities, or else. No mentally deficient humans are allowed to exist when the world is in a state of perfection, otherwise known as The Culture of Death.

Michael Schiavo, his brothers and his lawyers have condemned the Schindler family for releasing pictures of his wife to the public, saying that Terry would have never wanted her privacy violated. Is her privacy what they were really concerned about or was it something else? Is it because they do not want the world to see a handicapped person? Is it that they believe the likenesses of imperfect humans should not be viewed? Should parents hide their disabled children from public view? The Schindler family has demonstrated that they loved Terri the way she was and that she brought them great joy whenever her face lit up in their presence. They understood Terri’s spoken language, although others could not and Terri understood spoken English. Such simple pleasures were not enough to deserve life in the Culture of Death. Life is no longer a mysterious gift from our Creator. Life becomes a choice, an option in the Culture of Death.

From The strange death of the liberal West By Mark Steyn
“America this Holy Week is following the frenzied efforts to halt the court-enforced starvation of a brain-damaged woman for no reason other than that her continued existence is an inconvenience to her husband. In Britain, two doctors escape prosecution for aborting an otherwise healthy baby with a treatable cleft palate because the authorities are satisfied they acted “in good faith”. You can read similar stories in almost any corner of the developed world, except perhaps the Netherlands, where discretionary euthanasia is so advanced it’s news if the kid makes it out of the maternity ward.

“In practice, a culture that thinks Terri Schiavo’s life in Florida or the cleft-lipped baby’s in Herefordshire has no value winds up ascribing no value to life in general.”

After exhibiting the Culture of Death to our children, we will still wonder how it can happen that a youngster on the plains of America’s heartland will embark upon a murderous rampage and kill himself afterwards.
Seeing Signs of Life

Dr. William Hammesfahr

March 26, 2005

Dr. William Hammesfahr is a board certified neurologist who claims to be able to rehabilitate Terri Schiavo. He is a controversial physician, as is Dr. Ronald Crandall, also known as “Dr. Humane Death”, who is Michael Schiavo’s physician of choice for his disabled wife. There are charges that Dr. Hammesfahr has padded his resume by claiming to be a Nobel Prize Nominee, which charges seem to have validity. Dr. Crandall is known as a professional “expert witness”. Both of these physicians have had their day in court in the Schiavo case, along with three others. Unless they could convince the court that Terri’s mental health could be improved, there was no hope for the parents to stop her guardian from removing the tube. Terri Schiavo was in essence, condemned to death by a “jury” of five physicians. Unfortunately for her, this was not a real jury, for only three of the five doctors concluded her life to be not worth living. Even though two doctors believed her life of value, she is dying by the court’s fiat. If only she had committed a capital crime! In such a case, she would have needed a unanimous jury of twelve to be condemned to death. The Schiavo case revolves around her legal guardianship, which, as her blood family has seen, is impossible to change. Snippets of that hearing, Schiavo III, 800 So. 2d, are at 645, are at HealthLawProf Blog.

In this case, the Florida courts can show no mercy to the family of Terri Schindler Schiavo, who cannot prove that their daughter can be rehabilitated. They claim she has not been given a chance to improve, but they want to care for her as she is. The only one who could bestow mercy upon them, is the “so-called” husband of their daughter, and he will not, even during Passion Week. NewsDay.com 15 Apr 2003

Dr. William Hammesfahr spoke for Terri after examining her and is hopeful of improvement. The video is from Hannity.com. You may Watch Here!

This is audio from New York’s Christian Radio WMCA 570 & 970

Dr. William Hammesfahr – Segment One, Segment Two, Segment Three

Dr. William Hammesfahr – Written analysis of Terri

Where Stand the Feminists?

March 26, 2005

The Feminists stand with estranged husband, Michael Schiavo! Bonnie Erbe of PBS and Susan Estrich of CNN both support Michael’s right to starve his disabled former wife. Feminists support a husband’s right to choose Dr. Humane Death, aka Dr. Ronald Cranford, to give medical evaluation of an incapacitated woman.

Where stands NOW, the National Organization for Women? Who knows? No one has seen them standing for Terry against the male tyranny of her husband, Dr. Kevorkian’s acolytes, and the courts. No one has seen NOW standing for Terri’s female nurses and friends, who believe she should be allowed to live.

Where are defenders of women’s rights? “… it’s no one else’s business if Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, wants to kill her. The National Organization for Women is AWOL on this case. The American Civil Liberties Union is actually working with Michael Schiavo to end Terri’s life.”

The Martyrdom of Terri Schiavo by Father Jacobse was written while Terri was recuperating from a previous court-ordered starvation. “Terri lies mute and helpless, but nevertheless an eloquent witness for the inherent sacredness and dignity of life. Terri does not deserve to die. She recognizes and responds to life in ways entirely appropriate to her injuries.”

No Guts, No Glory

Feminists for Life

Holy Saturday 2000

March 26, 2005

Have we forgotten the events of Holy Saturday, five years ago? We should be praying that our leaders of today do not repeat this scene. We supporters of the sanctity of life should not demand that they break our laws.

Respect the Rule of Law

Why No Mercy?

March 25, 2005

In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare told us “The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed – It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes.”

There has been no mercy displayed by the Florida courts for the blood family of a brain-damaged woman who is dying during this Easter Weekend. One wonders why the courts have snubbed the Schindler family’s every petition. I believe that these rebuffs from the judiciary may not really be about saving the life of a handicapped woman. The following happenings have me believing that the courts are resentful of what they consider to be intrusion from the legislative branches of the government. Can it be that Terri will die, because the judiciary fears a power grab by the people’s representatives, the Florida and U.S. legislatures?

The Schindlers and their son-in-law, Michael Schiavo, were on good terms and in accord with Terri’s medical treatment until 1993 when they had a falling-out, after a large sum of money was awarded in a medical mal-practice suit. As a consequence, the court appointed an attorney, Richard Pearse Jr., as guardian ad litem for Terri Schiavo, from the middle of 1998 to 1999. His job was to represent the young woman’s interests in one of the hearings where her husband sought to remove her feeding tube and to recommend a solution in the case. Mr. Pearse investigated her case, interviewed her relatives, and read the medical records. Afterwards, Mr. Pearse filed a report recommending that Terri Schiavo be kept on the feeding tube. He also questioned Michael Schiavo’s credibility, considering that therapy for his wife stopped after he received the money. The attorney for Mr. Schiavo, George Felos, said: “that Pearse is biased and should not have been appointed because he personally is opposed to feeding tubes being removed.” Pearse made his recommendations in January 2000, and Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer drew other conclusions. Judge Greer ruled Terri Schiavo to be in a persistent vegetative state and that her feeding tube could be removed. Five years later, Mr. Pearse has reversed his views and believes that the feeding tube should now be removed. Why? According to the Saint Petersburg Times, one reason he gives is that Governor Bush and the Florida Legislature were wrong to interfere with the courts by pushing through Terri’s Law. Mr. Pearse called the law stunningly bad policy and the law was later declared unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court.

Paul O’Donnell, a Franciscan monk and friend of the Schindlers, attended the court hearing yesterday when the Schindlers petitioned for Terri’s life. Father O’Donnell described the presiding Judge James Whittemore as becoming “testy” whenever the legislation for a review of Terri’s case from the U.S. Congress was referenced.

Terry Schindler Schiavo is Dying for Our Sins

15 Years of Struggle

More Schiavo Videos

March 25, 2005

These videos are from Trey Jackson.

WATCH NOW– Carla Sauer Iyer, a former caregiver of Terri Schiavo.

Update II: WATCH– Interview with Terri’s former nurse Heidi Law.

Update III: WATCH – Joe Scarborough makes a passionate plea for Terri.

Respect the Rule of Law

March 25, 2005

We are a blessed people to live under laws which were bequeathed to us by our forebears. Terry Schiavo’s family are following these laws in their attempts to save their daughter from starvation. However, some of their followers are in danger of falling into mob rule, which would compound the tragedy of Terri’s death. Prominent Christian leaders are urging the Florida governor to flagrantly disregard the law. This is wrong and would be a sad legacy for Terri. The government abduction of child refugee, Elian Gonzalez , by armed guns of Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, has apparently faded from memory. For Governor Jeb Bush to abduct a dying woman would be just as wrong. Do not condemn those who have worked so hard for the sanctity of life. Although we are losing, the spotlight has been shone upon the lack of mercy of the judicial branch of our government. We can change that with our votes at the polls. It is certainly an injustice for a handicapped woman to be starved to death because her guardian has the resources to obtain superior consul. A greater injustice would be to destroy the road that exists to rectify those injustices. Do not allow the mob to rule. On the first Good Friday, Jesus, following the law of His day, carried a cross to a mount and and was put to death. Throughout history, many innocent people have died at the hand of the law. We who powerlessly witness injustice are charged with changing the future for those who follow us.

When the child refugee, Elian Gonzalez, was forcefully abducted, Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor of constitutional law and apologist for Bill Clinton warned, “Miss Reno’s decision to take the law as well as the child into her own hands, seems worse than a political blunder. Even if well intended, her decision strikes at the heart of constitutional government and shakes the safeguards of liberty.”

Is this, from the World Socialist Website, any different from what Christian leaders are urging upon Governor Bush?
Leftists Urge President Clinton To Break the Law

The Abduction of Elian Gonzalez on Holy Saturday

Good Friday

March 25, 2005

Holy Week USA, 2005

March 24, 2005

Christians are now celebrating Easter, and the national events of this early arriving Holy Week have been quite mysterious and nothing short of breathtaking. Passion Week comprises the very last week of the earthly life of Jesus. It began on Palm Sunday and concluded on the morning of Easter Sunday.

The First Day in Passion Week is Palm Sunday
There was a great crowd that went to Bethany to see Jesus (John 12:9-11).

Holy Week 2005, began with The US House of Representatives and US Senate, having failed in their maneuvers to stop Judge George Greer of Florida from removing the feeding tube of a brain damaged women, assembled their members on Palm Sunday, in an attempt to create new law to save her life.

20 March 2005: Unknown to school administrators, an American boy in Red Cloud, Minnesota is planning the murders of his family and schoolmates.

Monday, The Second Day in Passion-Week
Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. (Matt. 21:1-9; Mark 11:1-10; Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-19)

21 March 2005: The United States Senate passed an emergency bill, S686 (203-58), calling for a federal court to review the case of Terri Shiavo, an innocent disabled woman, who the judiciary of the State of Florida, had sentenced to a death by starvation. Her parents felt hopeful.

21 March 2005: A sixteen-year-old student, Jeff Weise, allegedly shot and killed ten innocent people, including himself, his grandparents, and his own schoolmates, and injured at least fifteen others.

Tuesday, The Third Day in Passion Week
Jesus cleansed the temple at Jerusalem (Matt. 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-17; Luke 19:45-46).

22 March 2005: Attempting to save an innocent disabled Florida woman from court ordered starvation; the United States House of Representatives immediately backed the Palm Sunday bill from the Senate. In the early morning hours, it was signed into law by President George W. Bush, who had traveled from Texas to Washington D.C. for the emergency legislation.

22 March 2005: Minnesotans were stunned to learn of a second fatal school shooting at a school in the last 18 months. The lives of two innocent students were taken at Rocori High School in Cold Spring in September 2003, allegedly by another student, fifteen year old John Jason McLaughlin, who now awaits trial in the case.

Ash Wednesday
Jesus rested for the last time before His Agony, and Judas began planning the betrayal (Matt. 26:14-16; Mark 14:10-11; Luke 22:3-6).

23 March 2005: Florida Judge James Whittamore, ignoring petitions from the United States Congress and the President to take a new look at the case, refused to stop the court ordered starvation of a disabled, brain-damaged women, saying that her family would be unlikely to win the court case.

23 March 2005: Residents on the Red Lake Indian reservation in Minnesota are trying to understand what made sixteen-year-old Jeff Weise go on a bloody shooting rampage which resulted in death or injury to more than twenty-four innocent people. Community activist Audrey Thayer says that society needs to find ways to reach out to children like Jeff Weise and make them feel valued.

Maundy Thursday
Jesus made ready the Passover Lamb and instituted the Lord’s Supper. He suffered in agony at at the Garden of Gethsemane. Later that night Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, arrested and tried (Matt. 26:36-56; Mark 14:32-52; Luke 22:39-53; John 18:1-12).

Thursday, 24 March 2005: The United States Supreme Court refused to hear an emergency appeal by the parents of Terri Schiavo to restore food and water to their dying daughter. Judge George Greer denied Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s petition to have the state take custody of Mrs. Schiavo. Armed officers of the court watch Mary Schindler’s visits to her dying child, as she is forbidden to place even a drop of water upon the parched lips of her daughter.

Thursday, 24 March 2005: Minnesota authorities were still trying to determine the motive for the bloody rampage of the sixteen year old Jeff Weise which resulted in the murders of ten innocents. They believe that the youngster used the nickname “Todesengel”, which is German for “Angel of Death.”

Good Friday
Jesus was led to the cross and crucified at 9:00 a.m. and died at 3:00 p.m. and was buried later in the day (Matt. 27:31-60; Mark 15:20-46; Luke 23:26-54; John 19:16-42).

25 March 2005: There seem to be no options left to save an innocent child of God from the tyranny of the Judiciary. Terri will die very soon, perhaps during this Holy Week.

25 March 2005: Cody Thunder, a student shot by a classmate at Red Lake Reservation, Minnesota, today, was released from hospital with the bullet still lodged in his hip. Along a chain link fence at the school are a long row of white crosses representing those who were killed by a fifteen year old youth.

The Sabbath
The body of Jesus lay in the sepulcher while Roman guards kept watch (Matt. 27:61-66; Mark 15:47; Luke 23:55-56).

The supporters trying to save the life of a brain-damaged Florida woman, begin to accept that her death is imminent, as she is deprived of water for the eighth day.

26 March 2005: A broken-hearted native American tribe on a reservation in the far north of the United States begin burying their dead in traditional manner. They were slaughtered by a young member of the tribe. President George Bush requests the nation remember the people of Red Cloud in their prayers.

Resurrection Sunday
Christ rose from the Dead.
‘On the Third Day He rose again from the Dead; He ascended into Heaven’

A Passion Play for 2005

Life and Death 2005

March 23, 2005

Whether Terri lives or dies, there should be no exclamations of victory or cries of despair. There are two sides of this thoughtful debate, and those who disagree about the protection of human life should not condemn each other. It is possible that Christians of faith might support the withdrawal of Terri’s feeding tube. Each of us wants to claim that God is on our side, but none of us knows for certain where God stands in this debate. That is the goal of the debate, to understand God’s will. We cannot know for certain what Terri would want to do in this situation, as she did not clearly document her desires. We should be able to strongly defend our views regarding the important social and ethical issues of this case. However, it is impolite to denigrate those who strongly disagree with our views. Ad hominem attacks are rude and deserve no place in a logical discourse of life and dying, such as is raised by the tragic Terri Schiavo story. To have a worthwhile public debate on difficult issues we need to abide by the rules of fair play and good manners.