Not a Mumblin’ Word

Not a word , not a word, not a word, my Lord
And he never said a mumblin’ word, my Lord,
My Lord, my Lord!” ~~Old American Spiritual

The Oscars 2005!
You say “Fallujah” – We say “ABU GHRAIB”. That was about how it was last night when Hollywood assembled. The Beautiful People are known for their loud rantings against Ashcroft, Bush and their supposed destruction of civil liberties, the immorality of the war, and anything else that happens to be outside their political myopia. Why was one of their own, who was horribly murdered in broad daylight, never even mentioned? There was “not a mumblin’ word” about the “violent broad daylight murder” of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh. He was assassinated by an Islamic Jihadist last November, shortly after the release of his film,” Submission”, which criticized the treatment of women under Islam. He was silenced! Why is Hollywood unconcerned about this particular violation of human rights? Is it fear of or is it sympathy for the Jihadist movement?

Blog LittleGreenFootballs writes:

“2/28/2005: Theo Van Gogh Forgotten on Oscar Night – More disturbing, though: not a word was said about the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. You wonder if the organizers even discussed it—and if they did, what excuse was used to avoid the subject.”

The Murder of Theo Van Gogh

Jihad In the Netherlands

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