Moonbat Speak

What is it that “moonbats” say whenever they speak? On “Meet the Press” yesterday was a good example from a very well-known moonbat. Jackson’s Journal had posted the video, so if you missed the show, you can see and hear it here. -WATCH-

Jackson’s Journal refers to yesterday’s performance of Maureen Dowd of the “New York Times” as “Maureen Dowd-Moonbat Charge Of The Day”. He writes that on the television program, she was asked the following question by moderator Tim Russert, and her reply has been labeled as the “Moonbat Charge of the Day”.

Russert: “Would you now accept the fact that because of the invasion of Iraq, there is a possibility of democracy in Iraq and that may spread in the Middle East?” Watch the video from Jackson’s Journal.-WATCH-

I have found a Talking Moonbat on the Internet and was given permission by his owner, Sean Gleeson, to allow him to roost at my site. Sean has named him “Autorantic Virtual Moonbat”, aka “The Insane Left-wing Robot Who Hates You!” You can read his rantings for yourself over on the right hand side of this blog. Notice how similar his rantings are to the answers of New York Times writer, Maureen Dowd.

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