Chief Churchill and His Mohawk Chop

Churchill with automatic rifle © AK Press, from University of Hawaii I found this post at Jackson’s Junction. If you have not viewed the Media Link (works in all browsers) of Ward Churchill, featuring his “left-hand sideways Mohawk ‘Winter Attack’ chop”, view it first! The following post is so hilarious, I decided to pass it on, even though I don’t know who wrote it. The only attribution I found was: “#63 Ed Mahmoud abu al Qahool Martyr Brigades 2/26/2005 10:24AM PST, posted at Jackson’s by LGFer”. Enjoy Ward demonstrating his true Indian ancesty – the “left-hand sideways Mohawk chop” . Go here if you want to view the entire television segment – CBS4 Denver News, viewable only in Internet Explorer.

Chutch was demonstrating the left-hand sideways Mohawk chop he developed as a member of the Army Special Forces Motor Pool and Press Office. He used it many times to great affect when the Viet Cong attacked him as he sat writing Special Forces press releases at the IBM Selectric typewriter with the special th character later sent to a Texas ANG unit as the war was winding down.

Later, during the war, it was rumored that a CIA agent, often referred to as “The Chief” because of his rumored Native American ancestry but never clearly seen because of a floppy jungle hat he wore, used that left handed Mohawk chop to disable an entire platoon of VC that tried to stop him and a gallant Navy lieutenant on a mission to deliver needed supplies to the Khmer Rouge. By then, rumor has it, “The Chief” realized that the entire US military in Viet Nam was a bunch of “Little Eichmanns”, and he decided to promote the causes of international revolutionary socialism by helping the Navy officer supply a revolutionary army in Cambodia a year before they ever took the field.

Of course, that is about the time that “The Chief” attracted the attention of the CIA, as he had apparently told people his mission into Cambodia was authorized by The Company. A young CIA case officer, who had earned his stripes in Chile by overthrowing the Allende government, known only by the initials “KR”, was put on the case, and has been working to thwart the Chief’s valiant efforts to expose the entire US system as being controlled by Gestapo officers who escaped to Argentina in 1946 and then captured a young Richard M Nixon, brainwashed him, and then returned him to the US to begin the process of establishing a Fourth Reich.

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