The Waffle Truff

Oh Goody, Goody! The infamous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company has come out with a new flavor, that I will NEVER try. Yes, I will restrain myself from tasting The Waffle Truff, and I do it in honor of Michael Moore. No, Not really! I just plain HATE, HATE, HATE that stupid ice cream company. They keep saying that people like me are full of HATE, so if I am going to be accused, I may as well do it. I HATE Ben & Jerry’s! What is their claim to fame? Take some plain old vanilla or plain old chocolate cream and stir in much too many broken pieces of candy, cookies or nuts, give it a wacky-sounding name and viola, they announce a brand new flavor that all the “repugnant” capitalists will buy. However, the real true reason I HATE that company so much, is that they HATE me. They HATE the military. They HATE America. I have heard their spokesmen pontificate about their disdain for the American military. Meanwhile they go about their business behaving like they are the only ivory-pure capitalists in the free world because they use “ethically produced ingredients” – whatever that means. Before I knew any better I sampled Jerry Garcia flavor, because I loved him! I loved the ice cream too, and also Chubby Hubby. But never again! Let the moonbats buy their overpriced products. When I encounter their product in a store, I ask the management to reconsider stocking it, as I try never to patronize places that encourage, in any way, the moonbatism of Ben & Jerry’s. Besides they are from Vermont!

The WaffleTruff


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